Galveston is a great place to live, but it’s also one of the most expensive cities in Texas. If you’re looking for a house in Galveston, you’ll want to find the best neighborhoods with low crime rates and good schools. Here are five of our favorites:

1. Pelican Rest

Pelican Rest is a small community located in Galveston, Texas. The neighborhood has been home to many historic buildings since it was founded in 1852. 

The location of Pelican Rest is perfect for those who want to live near the beach or enjoy being close to downtown Galveston. It’s also an easy commute from Rosenberg and Seabrook if you work outside of town or live somewhere else on the island. 

Pelican Rest has its own public beach that only takes about 4 minutes by car from this popular neighborhood! If you like walking on the beach, there are plenty of places where you can do so safely during low tide times (which generally occur between 1-3 pm).

2. La Marque

La Marque is a city in Galveston County, Texas, United States. The population was 2,826 at the 

2010 census.

La Marque was officially incorporated on May 22, 1882, as “The City of Galveston and Vicinity.” It derives its name from the French word for the lake (la Mer), which refers to Lake Hermann. 

The area around La Marque is rich in history and culture, with many old buildings around town that date back to before World War II when many refugees came here seeking refuge from war-torn Europe or North Africa during World War II. The Wan Bridge homes in Galveston are a beautiful example of the architecture during this timeline. 

3. Hitchcock

Hitchcock is a neighborhood in Galveston, Texas, United States. It is located on the west side of Galveston Island and is named after the Hitchcock family, who first settled in the area in 1892.  The town was originally known as “Hitchcock” until later when it became known as “The Island’s Western Frontier.”

Hitchcock has many recreational activities to offer residents, including golf courses and tennis courts at several different locations, such as Lake Shore Park or Kite Beach Park. 

These provide access for fishing trips or just spending time outside relaxing with friends or family members who live nearby but still want their own privacy from other people living nearby.

4. Galveston West End

Galveston West End is a great place to buy a house. It’s close to the beach, which means you can enjoy swimming, sailing, and fishing in your own backyard. The neighborhood has a strong sense of community and is known for its many bars and restaurants that draw people from all over town. 

There are also plenty of things to do in the area that will keep you busy for days at a time:

  • Visit the Historic District (where there are lots of restaurants), or go shopping on Seawall Boulevard;
  • Watch live entertainment at The Strand Theater (which hosts Broadway shows); or
  • Take part in one of Galveston’s many annual festivals—such as Jazz Fest or Seafood Festival—that take place throughout summertime when tourists flock here from around the country world!

5. Bacliff

Bacliff is a town in Galveston County, Texas, United States. The population was 8,619  at the 2010 census.

Bacliff is a small beach community located on the Bolivar Peninsula along the Gulf of Mexico. It’s known for its proximity to Moody Gardens and Seaworld Parks and Resorts (both of which are just minutes away). 

The area has many recreational activities, such as golfing and fishing at nearby public parks or private marinas such as Port O’Connor Marina or Galveston Fishing Village Marina, which both offer boat rentals as well as kayaking tours around some of Galveston’s best beaches!


At the end of the day, it’s important to remember that there are many factors that go into what makes a neighborhood great—and buying a house is just one aspect of life in Galveston. If you do decide to buy a house here, don’t forget that it’s also an opportunity for you to become part of this community and experience all its benefits firsthand!


By Grace