Packing for a winter ski vacation can seem like a daunting task. Winter gear often takes up more space than say your bikini and sundress you may need to lounge oceanside, and winter gear often needs to offer more function than your average vacation wear. With the 2022 Winter Olympics fully underway, you may be seeking a thrilling ski trip for yourself. Look no further for our top pieces of essential ski gear you need to pack for your next ski excursion.

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1) Base Layers

When packing your suitcase for a cold-climate ski trip, it’s important not to forget about base layers. Dressing in layers ensures warmth you’ll need out on the slopes. Look for thin tops and pants constructed of soft merino wool. This offers a base of cozy, moisture-wicking warmth, and also rolls and packs easily into your suitcase.

2) Outerwear

It may be obvious, but if you’re heading down the mountain on skis, you are going to need to have a ski jacket and ski pants for a protective outer layer. Look for insulated, high-performance options that offer wind and water protection along with warmth. A solid pair of ski pants is also a must-have to keep you dry and warm when you take an inevitable fall or end up in an unexpected snowstorm.

3) Mittens (Not Gloves)

We recommend packing a nice pair of mittens for your next ski vacation. Go for something that is waterproof and warm. Mittens are often preferred over gloves because they maximize your own body heat to keep your fingers and hands warm. If you can’t forego your screen time, even out in nature, opt to also pack a thin pair of glove liners with touchscreen capabilities. 

4) Ski Goggles

Not only do goggles protect your eyes from falling snow, ice, and debris, but they also are essential when it comes to sun protection up on the mountain. High elevations and reflecting blinding white snow make eye protection from the sun and essential when you’re out skiing the slopes. Look for something that offers a comfortable fit on your head and face and go for an anti-fog lens.

5) Neck Gaiter

Although trendy, chunky scarves look stylish, they are unmatched in terms of practicality against a neck gaiter. Scarves can get tangled, and offer gaps for cold air to enter, whereas a neck gaiter ensures full, snug protection from the elements on the mountain. Choose a fleece variety that offers water protection.

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6) Ski Socks

Although your feet will likely be well protected inside your bulky ski boots, it’s important to have proper ski socks in your suitcase. Select socks that are constructed from merino wool for extra warmth and cushion. Also, be sure the socks come up high enough to prevent any rubbing you may experience from your boots.