Let’s get personal. How clean are your floors?

Are you happy for your kids to observe the five-second rule? How dangerous that dropped food is really depends on what’s hanging out down there. Worst case scenario: an E.coli or staph infection.

No thanks. Everything ends up on floors, from what your shoes drag in, to whatever’s on the dog’s feet. If only there were a way to get our floors sparkling clean…

There is. They’re called professional floor cleaners. Let’s look at why they’re a need, not a want.

1. The Right Chemicals for the Job

Finding the right chemicals can be a challenge, especially if you have multiple floor surfaces in your home. For example, if you get vinyl plank flooring, then vinegar-based cleaners are usually best. High-quality multi-surface cleaners can also work.

But if you have wood flooring, you need to be very careful with your use of water when cleaning them. You can easily damage hardwoods and some laminates if you get them wet.

Laminate flooring can swell up. It looks terrible, and when that happens you have no choice but to repair or replace the floor. And for carpets and tiles, it’s a whole other ballgame.

By working with professional floor cleaners, you don’t have to worry about accidentally damaging your floors. They are the experts in all types of floor surfaces.

They also have access to environmentally friendly, industrial chemicals. They can get the job done more effectively than those you pick up at the store. 

2. The Right Equipment

Hands up, how many of you have got a professional carpet cleaning machine at home? Or what about a steam cleaner?

Let’s face it, even if we have got domestic versions, how often do we bust them out really? Thorough cleaning hardwoods is tough, and cleaning a carpet takes hours. It’s hard work that most of us simply don’t have time for. 

Floor cleaning services don’t just turn up with the right equipment, they also know how to use it correctly. They are skilled in using:

  • Carpet cleaning machines
  • Tile scrubbers
  • Professional steam cleaners

These types of equipment are able to really penetrate the floor coverings and get stubborn dirt moving. Who wants to spend hours on their hands and knees scrubbing grout when a floor cleaner will happily do it for you?

Plus, they can achieve a much higher standard of finish. Your tiled floors will gleam like the day they were first laid. Keeping them in great condition can also extend their life, and make your home more appealing to potential buyers!

3. Extend the Life of Flooring

With good care, good-quality flooring can last for years. Hardwoods can last for decades and can be refinished if they get scratched or damaged. Tiles should also last for decades.

Even vinyl flooring can last up to 25 years with good maintenance. For all these surfaces, that means investing in regular professional cleaning. 

Over time, dust and dirt can start to damage your floors. Grout could become so stained that it’s almost impossible to get it clean. Then you’ll either have the expense of new grout or a new tile floor. 

Carpet can also suffer permanent damage if you don’t clean them regularly. Gradually, the color of your carpet will change. You get ugly traffic lanes.

Without deep cleaning, this damage can become permanent. But with good care, a high-quality carpet can look great for 20 years or more. 

4. Fast Results

Imagine you decide to thoroughly clean all the floors in your home. First, you’re going to need to take some time off work. You’re going to need a few days and a lot of elbow grease.

Secondly, you’ll need to go out and hire the right equipment. That takes time, expense, and a whole lot of hassle. 

And the end result? It’ll probably be great, but are you confident you can truly achieve a professional finish?

If you get the pros in, they’ll get the job done fast and to a high standard. They work with all types of flooring day in, day out. They know exactly how to tackle each job and which machine will achieve the best finish.

5. Cleaner Carpets Equal Better Health

Dirty carpets that haven’t been washed for years are a breeding ground for all kinds of nasties. Dust mites love carpets. Where there are dust mites, there’s dust mite poop.

Did you know that it’s actually their feces that people are allergic to? Dust mite allergy can cause symptoms such as running nose and sneezing all year round. It can even cause fatigue and itchy eyes.

If your carpets are not cleaned regularly, dust will keep on accumulating. Vacuuming regularly is very important, but it’s impossible for it to remove all the dust deep in the pile. Cleaning a carpet professionally with a specialist machine will get rid of much more than a vacuum cleaner can.

This will improve the air quality in your home. It should help allergy sufferers to experience an improvement in their symptoms.

Choose Professional Floor Cleaners for Health and Happiness!

Everyone loves living in a healthy, clean home and professional floor cleaners can make that happen. They get rid of all the nasty microbes that are hanging out on your various floor surfaces. This can help reduce allergy symptoms and keep the whole family feeling better.

They also help to extend the life of your floor surfaces and maintain the value of your home. You won’t regret getting floor cleaning services to do all the hard work for you!

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