Americans spent an average of $9,000 on their bathroom remodels in 2020. It’s so popular because bathroom remodels have one of the highest ROIs when it comes to home improvement projects. To get the greatest benefit from remodeling your bathroom, you need to strategically plan and execute your home project. 

These four tips will show you how to remodel your bathroom. 

1. Start With a Budget 

Before you start doing anything in your bathroom, you need to consider the most important bathroom remodel tips. Always start with a budget for the project. Doing this helps you set limits and ensure you can afford to complete the project. 

Homeowners who don’t set a budget end up wildly spending and either spend more than they wanted to or cannot finish the project. 

When planning your budget, plan to go over. Incorporating 10-20% of overage into your budget is smart. This will give you room in your budget for the unexpected that always happens when doing a home remodeling project. 

2. Find Inspiration 

Now that you have a budget in place, you can start looking for inspiration. Look at home magazines and social media to find design ideas you like. It can help to make an inspiration board on Pinterest with everything that you want. 

You can then look for common themes to incorporate into your residential interior design. Consider the layout and design of your bathroom when looking for inspiration. You may fall in love with a particular bathroom design, but it may not be functional or possible in your bathroom. 

It helps to make a list of must-haves and nice-to-haves. Then you can narrow down your options and figure out the right combination of improvements that will fit within your budget. 

3. Strategically Choose Upgrades 

It’s tempting to choose top-of-the-line materials and fixtures for everything. Unfortunately, this won’t be possible unless you have a limitless budget. So instead, strategically choose your upgrades based on your desires and what will have the most impact.  

For example, you could splurge on a backsplash tile for the vanity. This is an area where people’s attention is focused, making it a focal point. It also tends to be smaller square footage, so you won’t need to buy a ton of tile to cover it. 

Another smart swap is to replace your bathtub with a shower. The majority of home buyers rarely use that spa tub. Instead, they consider a walk-in shower a desirable feature. Apart from this, an additional benefit of getting a shower is its comparatively easier and budget-friendly maintenance. All you need to do is get a few replacements done after a certain period of time if needed. Other than that, getting the regrouting done from a team of professionals like that of shower regrouting perth can help you not just stay away from the problem of mold but will also render it with a new and fresh look.

4. Don’t Forget the Details 

Sometimes homeowners get too focused on the big picture and forget the details. These include the hardware on the cabinets, plumbing, and lighting fixtures. These little details turn a nice bathroom remodel into a stunning one. 

Instead of having a plain mirror, hang one with a decorative frame. Add accent lighting that you can turn on at night or when you have guests that will use the bathroom. Look for ways to add innovative technology, such as waterproof Bluetooth speakers in the shower. 

Start Remodeling Your Bathroom

With these tips for remodeling your bathroom, you are ready to tackle this popular home improvement project. Start with a realistic budget, and then use it as your guide for planning your project. Make strategic choices for maximum impact and a great ROI.  

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