These days it’s become really important to appreciate and recognize the hard work and efforts of employees of a company for bringing in the desired results. When anyone does something great or achieves any milestone, they deserve recognition for it. It’s even more important to provide recognition to the employees of any workplace, as the success and growth of an organization or a company heavily depend on the morale, satisfaction, and engagement level of the employees. 

When an employee gets appreciated for their achievements, good performance, and efforts, it makes them feel really happy and valued. Their morale gets high, and the collective morale of the workplace increases. It’s paramount for maintaining positive energy in the workplace, and it caters to the productivity of the employees. Also, employees get highly engaged with their work and the workplace when they get recognized for their good work, and as a result, they feel motivated to keep doing a better job and bringing in better results. 

On the other hand, if employees don’t get properly recognized, it lowers their morale and gets them disengaged from their work and the workplace. Their performance also gets poor, and the company starts failing to bring in its desired results. So, it’s really important to make the employees feel recognized and appreciated. One of the best ways to do so is by providing them with different awards on a regular basis. 

Special Employee Award Titles

You can provide your employees with special employee awards based on three different categories. They are- performance awards, behavior-based awards, and service or achievement awards. You can add compelling and engaging titles for the employee awards, which will make it clear exactly what the employees are getting rewarded and recognized for. Also, it will make them feel deeply appreciated. Let’s have a look at some of the employee award titles that you can go for-

Performance-Based Awards

These awards will be based on the performance and efficiency of the employees. These types of awards can motivate new employees very much. Some awards can be like-

The Employee of the Month

This award will be provided to the employee that has outperformed all other employees in the company in a given month. It’s the most general form of award which is given in almost every workplace these days. Giving this monthly award to the employees highly encourages and motivates them to do better in their jobs and outperform others. Their productivity level highly increases too. 

Stand Out Performer

There are employees in your workplace who keep giving their best at their work consistently. They show their utmost dedication to their work. You can recognize such employees with the “stand out performer award” on a regular basis to make them stand out among the others, and make them feel really special, valued, and appreciated.

Most Improved Performer

Your employees always keep improving at their job and learn to put their skills to use in a better manner. It’s a consistent process. You can encourage improvement in your employees by recognizing their growth. Employees that will display exemplary growth in their performance and improvement in their work, you can provide them with this award.

Above and Beyond Award

There are certain employees at any workplace that always try to give their best in their work, and go above and beyond their abilities to ensure maximum result and productivity. They will feel highly motivated to keep doing so if they get recognized for their efforts and hard work for the company if they get rewarded with the “above and beyond award”. 

You can also provide similar awards with other different, engaging, and captivating names like-

  • The Growth Booster
  • The Star Employee
  • The Eccentric Performer
  • The Supreme Contributor
  • Performer of the Month
  • The Virtuoso

and many more.

Value and Behavior-Based Awards

If you want to encourage certain behavior and values in your employees, you can do so by providing certain awards. You can also reward your punctual, diligent, and honest employees with specific value-based awards. This way you will be able to recognize the good work ethics and behavior of your employees by providing them with awards like-

The Genius

You can provide this award to your employees that come up with the most innovative ideas, and creative ways to solve various issues and problems. You can show them your appreciation and motivate them to keep on with the good work by recognizing them with this award.

The Advocate of Engagement

It is really important for a company to have an engaged workforce, as it contributes highly to the success of the company. You can recognize your employees that are highly engaged with their work, colleagues, and the workplace by recognizing them with this award. It will get them even more engaged, and you will be able to encourage engagement more in your employees through this. 

Best Team Player

Employees that will show remarkable generosity and integrity towards the member of their team members, and will always be there for their team members to help them in solving various issues, should be rewarded with this award. It will motivate your employees even more to work well with their teammates, and try to bring in better results together with them. Also, they will feel highly valued and engaged.

Social Benefactor Award

You can recognize your employees for their work and good deeds outside the workplace too. You can give them this award for all the contributions they make for the betterment of society, and creating a good impact. It will make your employees feel really happy, valued, and appreciated.

You can also provide them with awards like-

  • Best Attendance Award
  • The Motivator
  • The Game Changer
  • The Setter of Trends
  • Superb Presence
  • The Moral Hero

and a lot more.

Service and Achievement Awards

You can provide your employees with various service and achievement awards like-

One Year Down

This award can be provided on the occasion of one-year anniversary of the employees.

Outstanding Service Award

Employees that have been highly consistent in their job for a long time at the workplace, can be awarded this.

Unmatched Dedication

Employees that have been consistent in showing dedication towards their work and their workplace for a long period of time can be awarded the “Unmatched Dedication” award.

Loyalty Award

Employees that have loyally served the company for around a decade so, can be shown appreciation for their service and loyalty with this award. It will make them really valued and recognized.

You can also provide such awards with titles like-

  • The Marathon Runner
  • With Us Forever
  • Pillar Made of Iron
  • Incomparable Dedication and Service Award
  • The Ultra Employee

Importance of Employee Awards

You can implement a special employee award system at your workplace, where you will provide your employees with awards from various categories based on their special achievements, performance, or behavior. These days employees hardly get a chance to enjoy their work due to the ever-increasing workload, deadlines, etc. And their hardships, efforts, and the results they bring in for the company deserve recognition. It will make them feel better and happier. 

They will feel driven to keep doing a good job, and they will also get more engaged with the workplace. In that regard, different employee awards can do wonders. You can go for interesting and compelling titles for those employee awards, which will make your employees feel highly valued and appreciated. Also, these titles will convey what the employees have done or achieved, and motivate others to work harder so that they can achieve them too. Overall, it will create a positive and engaging work environment.

Final Words

In the context of any company or organization, it has become very important to make the employees feel recognized and appreciated for their hard work, efforts, and good performance. It drives them to do better in their job, and at the same time, it makes them feel happy and engaged with their work and the workplace.

One of the most enthralling and captivating ways to make your employees feel recognized, and appreciate them for their good performance, achievements, and behavior is to provide them with different awards. So, you can implement various performance, behavior, values, and achievement-based awards at your workplace to get your employees engaged, and get their morale and motivation level high. This will get the morale, engagement, productivity, and motivation level of your employees really high. The company will be able to enjoy massive success and growth in return.