Youtube to MP3 Converter: Top 2021 Online Options

Are you trying to convert your favorite YouTube video into an MP3 file? 

This not only makes the file smaller but it lets you enjoy the content of the video without an Internet connection. You can now listen to it while you’re jogging, working, or cooking. 

However, not every YouTube to MP3 converter is trustworthy. 

How do you know which ones produce good quality MP3 files? Is there a way to tell the converter isn’t a scam that could cause a virus infection on your PC?

Discover the answers and more with our guide below:

Browser YT Converter

You can start with a few browser converts. This is a good option because you don’t need to download anything. There’s no need to install applications or drivers on your PC.

All you have to do is copy the URL of the video you want to download. Go to the browser converter and paste it into the form. Press the convert button and then wait for the system to finish working on the file.

Some converters allow you to choose the file type you want before starting the process. Others will simply convert the YouTube video into all possible file types, and you’ll download whichever ones you want. 

Keep in mind there might be a few restrictions. Some browser converters won’t work if they detect copyrighted material. This restricts you from converting some music videos or short films into MP3 files.

You also might not be able to download private videos. Other converters might not allow you to download and convert videos that are too long. This may be due to the large file size or the bandwidth consumption.

There might also be an abundance of ads. Most of these browser converters don’t require paid subscriptions or registration. However, they do have a bunch of ads, and that can get annoying for some users.

Is This YouTube Converter Safe to Use?

The biggest hurdle with online converters is that you always risk your computer to cyber attacks. All it takes is one accidental click on a pop-up ad, and your PC might already become susceptible to hackers. 

There are ways to determine whether you can trust a browser converter or not. The best option is to always do a bit of research and read reviews. 

People trust reviews for a good reason, after all. These aren’t paid opinions, and they’re not born from production studios. Consumer reviews don’t have sponsorship deals pulling the strings, so you know they mean every pro and con mentioned. 

Keep in mind some online converters don’t allow you to download the MP3 file on their website. Instead, you have to give your email address. The site will then send an email with the file attached.

These sites do this to keep you on their subscription list. They can then send updates, newsletters, and announcements to you—email lists like this aim to entice you to return and continue using their services.

Desktop Applications

If you want high-quality conversions, you’ll need more than what a browser tool can offer. The best option is to download and install a desktop YT converter application. These require a lot more resources, which enables them to handle bigger files. 

Some of these applications are free. However, this might limit what you can do with them. For example, you might not be able to convert long videos to MP3, or you might not be able to convert copyrighted material. 

Other restrictions might involve the type of files you can convert. You may or may not be able to convert private videos or unlisted videos. The MP3 you get after conversion might only last for a minute unless you pay to unlock the full length of the file.

To remove those restrictions, you might have to pay a one-time fee. 

Like browser converters, you need to practice some caution. The app you download might not be a legitimate converter.

It might install malware or ransomware into your computer. This could lead to cyber attackers stealing valuable information. It might come with viruses that could damage your files or hard drive.

Mobile YT MP3 Converter

Of course, not all conversions are solely for desktop and laptop users. You’ll also find a YT converter iOS and Android users can use too. This works for both smartphone and tablet users.

Mobile converters often work the same way. You’ll need to copy the URL of the video, paste it, and then choose to convert it to MP3. Depending on the app you install on your phone, you’ll either have to watch an ad or you’ll hit a paywall. 

There is one aspect you need to always remember: your phone has a much smaller storage space compared to a laptop or desktop PC. Before downloading the converted MP3 file, make sure you know where it’ll go. 

Some phones, by default, place files in the Download folder. This fills up your device’s internal storage pretty fast. Check if you can change the default destination to a micro SD card instead.

As with the other methods listed above, read reviews for the iOS or Google Play Store before downloading. Reviews will notify you about scams, ads, paywalls, and other issues. This time, however, look for written reviews instead of relying solely on star ratings.

Use the Best YouTube to MP3 Converter Today

Now you know the best YouTube to MP3 converter options available and how to use them. You can rely on browser converters, desktop applications, and mobile apps to take YouTube videos and turn them into MP3 files. Some require fees, while others hit you with ads.

Of course, why stop learning useful tips and tricks with this guide when we have so much more? If you want to discover more posts on technology, business, and legal topics, feel freer to read through our vast library today!

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