Golf courses are known for their plush green hills and intricate landscaping. Much work and effort goes into keeping them pristine year-round. The work is tedious but easy to do on a smaller scale. Proper maintenance can help you achieve a home lawn with a golf course feel. Once you have diagnosed your lawn’s needs, you can set up a routine schedule. Consistency is essential to maintaining the healthy green lawn of your dreams that resembles a golf course lawn. 

Soil Sampling 

Soil sampling may be an excellent place to start if you have a rough lawn. It will tell you about the acidity of your soil, the available nutrients, moisture, and rock composition. Knowing all the facts will help you decide how best to satisfy the needs of your lawn. 

Regular Watering

Create a watering schedule suitable to the type of grass in your area. If you live in a dry area, you may need to water more frequently or consider below-ground irrigation. When possible, it’s essential to choose a grass species close to your native region, which will save time and money with your lawn well-watered and happy. 

Mowing and Trimming

Mowing your lawn is beneficial to keeping it dense and healthy. Cutting the tops of the blade promotes root spreading and areas to fill in with new shoots. Keeping your lawn on a regular mowing cycle will help to keep it lush green year-round. It’s also essential to remove excess grass clipping when you’re down. Dry grass becomes thatched mulch that prevents new growth. 


Fertilizers are a great way to boost critical nutrients in the ground. They come in liquid, powder, and pellet forms. Making them readily available and easily absorbed will give your lawn a healthy boost; just make sure you pick the right mix for your grass type. Most fertilizers will specify how often to reapply and what season is best for your grass. 

Pesticides & Fungicides

Invasive pests such as fire ants and grubs can have a troubling effect on your attempts to have a golf course lawn. Treating pests regularly will help reduce patchy spots. When growing out of control, other fungi can also be treated and eliminated. Other fungal infections can form on the leaves, creating a yellow and rusty appearance. 

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Weeding is essential to having a plush lawn. Weeds steal nutrients from your lawn, break up the growth, and cause patchy, bare areas once they die back. Keeping weeds out of your lawn may be as simple as hand pulling, or if there are many, you may want to treat particular kinds. 

Get Golf Course Grass

A golf course lawn is created by monitoring multiple factors. Be sure that you abide by local water restrictions or regulations. A regular maintenance schedule is an excellent way to keep track of growth and adjust treatments as needed. Remember to have your blades sharpened and mower serviced for the best lawn maintenance, as dull blades harm your lawn’s health. Anyone can have a lawn with a golf course feel if they follow these simple steps.