What happens when a highly religious virgin who has vowed to preserve herself until marriage gets pregnant by a man that is not her boyfriend? Will it bring tears or laughter? Or maybe tears from laughter? Do you want to find out, well then grab a snack (how about some spicy chicken and soju?!) and watch Woori the Virgin on Viki. Find out whose love story will win in the end.

Despite being the Korean adaptation of the hit US series Jane the Virgin, this series brings such a different flavor from its US counterpart. It provides such a breath of fresh air as the characters maneuver in their unique situation taking into consideration the conservative and strict Korean culture. This show will feature sweet and light moments with some emotional and tearjerking moments sprinkled throughout in order to bring out a perfectly blended story that you will definitely keep close to your heart.

With Lim Soo-Hyang (from My ID is Gangnam Beauty, 2018 and Graceful Family, 2019) as Woori, the eponymous virgin heroine who accidentally gets impregnated due to an oversight at the doctor’s table. The handsome Shin Dong-Wook (from Dr. Romantic 2, 2020 and Reflection of You, 2021) and Sung Hoon (from My Secret Star, 2020 and Love – ft. Marriage and Divorce, 2021) play the love interests of Woori. One is a debonaire and wealthy businessman while the other is a strong and mysterious detective. Undoubtedly, these three actors have unmatched chemistry with each other, which will surely the viewers will have a difficult time choosing their biased tandem.

Joined by a stellar ensemble of stars such as Hong Ji-Yoon (from My First First Love, 2019), Hong Eun-hee (from Revolutionary Sister, 2021), and Joo Hin-mo (from Now, We Are Breaking Up), this series will definitely take you on a roller coaster ride of emotions. One moment you are laughing your hearts out then the next will have you reaching for a tissue to wipe away a tear. The personalities and sceneries will take you on an unforgettable journey into the Woori’s world and all the shenanigans and adventures each character goes through. Each episode is a discovery and a revelation that brings you closer to each character.

The impeccable storytelling of writer and director Jeong Jeong-Hwa (from My Absolute Boyfriend, 2019). From the first positive result on the pregnancy test, this show will surely have you hooked and on the edge of your seats. Hilarity ensues as early as the first scenes and it steadily grows as the series progresses. The characters face choices that will get you invested in their well-being. As Woori faces the many challenges brought about by her exceptional pregnancy and equally exceptional love life, you will find yourself rooting for her and the people around her. Bringing emphasis on the value of family and relationships and love, this romantic comedy will irrefutably bring you heartwarming feelings that are altogether relatable and touches your heart, and hit you right in the “feels”.

This series is definitely something you should include in your list of must-watch Korean dramas on Avple for a lighthearted and fun experience.

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