The Florida Panhandle may stick out like a sore thumb on a map. Yet it has a lot to offer besides its catchy name. 131.4 million people visited Florida in 2019, and many of them headed to the Panhandle. 

If you want a nice vacation, you should consider a trip. But you should also value the Panhandle if you’re looking for a great place to live. You just need to know what the Panhandle is all about. 

How can you move to Florida? What is the qualify of life like, and can you buy a nice house in Tallahassee, Florida? What can you do for an activity? 

Answer these questions and you can turn the Florida Panhandle into your backyard. Here is your quick guide.

Moving to Florida Is Easy

Tallahassee and Pensacola are the two biggest cities in the Florida Panhandle. Each has a domestic airport, and you can find flights into them from most major cities in the United States. 

Interstate 10 is the main highway in the Panhandle, running east to west across the state of Florida. You can also drive along Route 98, which runs up from Palm Beach and extends into Mississippi and Alabama. 

If you need help moving, you can hire one of many moving companies. Some companies specialize in moving into a city apartment or house. But you can get help if you are moving to a new home in a more rural area.

The Weather Is Wonderful

Panama City lies in the middle of the Panhandle, so its weather is reflective of the entire region. The weather of Panama City is pleasant, with the average temperature in January being 54 degrees. Though Florida is known for being hot, the average temperature in July is only 82 degrees. 

Florida does get a lot of rain. July is the wettest month, receiving 7.4 inches of rain on average. This can lead to humidity, which can make the mild temperatures uncomfortable. 

But Florida does have a lot of sunshine. The average summer night has 14 hours of daylight. You will not encounter much snow or ice, making the Panhandle the perfect destination for someone who wants to avoid the winter.

The Panhandle can get hit with hurricanes and thunderstorms, though most storms pass within a couple of days. You should familiarize yourself with hurricane safety before you move in. Prepare for hurricanes by stocking your shelves with water and non-perishable items like canned foods.

The Quality of Life Is Good

Tallahassee is a fairly inexpensive place to live. House and grocery prices are lower than the national average, even though Florida’s homes are generally more expensive. 

Tallahassee is also a good place to get a job. It’s the state capital, and the state government is always looking for new employees. Florida State University has its flagship campus in the city, so you can find a job as a staffer or academic. 

If you’re in another part of the Panhandle, you can still find a good job. The area contains numerous beach towns, each of which has tourist attractions. You can work at one, especially during the spring and summer. 

You Can Find a New Home in No Time

Many companies offer homes and real estate opportunities throughout the region. Websites like let you view listings and compare different opportunities to each other. 

If you like beachfront properties, you have thousands of options in the Panhandle. You can select a small home, or you can buy a mansion with several different bedrooms. Make sure to explore your various options before you select a home you like. 

If you’re more interested in an apartment, you can choose one in a city or a rural area. Many apartment buildings face toward the beaches, giving you beautiful views of sunrises and sunsets. You can also buy a condo or an apartment at a resort.

However, you need to put a little work into your home before you move in. You should arrange for your utilities a few weeks in advance, and you should clean your home before moving day. Cleaning your home can help you uncover problems that need fixing after you have completely moved in.

You Can Do Many Different Things

The Florida Panhandle appeals to everyone. You can find resorts that offer drinks, golf games, and live entertainment. You can always head to the beach and get a suntan or go for a long walk by the water. 

If you want to get in touch with nature, you can visit a few different state parks and wildlife refuges. You can look at white sand dunes and go camping at Henderson Beach State Park. You can walk through the St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge and see dozens of species of birds. 

When you want to go shopping, you can visit the Destin Harbor Boardwalk. You can find dozens of shops and restaurants, and you can sit on a bench and watch people. You can learn more about the Panhandle by visiting the Destin History & Fishing Museum. 

Moving to the Florida Panhandle Is a Great Idea

There is a lot you can get out of the Florida Panhandle. It’s an easy place to move to, especially if you live in Florida already. The weather is comfortable, with your only major concern being hurricanes. 

The Panhandle’s quality of life is high, especially around Tallahassee. You can find a house or an apartment without problems. 

You can visit dozens of tourist attractions, including beaches. But you can leave the tourists behind and visit national parks or go shopping. 

The Panhandle is just one place you can move to. Read more moving guides by following our coverage.