What Makes Your Air Conditioning Unit Freeze Up?

If your air conditioner is frozen, it will either blow warm or cold air or nothing at all. Of course, you’re asking why this might be the case, especially because it will affect your overall comfort during the summer. Find out why this happens and what you should do about it.

Insufficient Airflow

Lack of ventilation is the most frequent cause of your air conditioner freezing up. A variety of faults, ranging from the blower motor to the air intake, may cause this scenario. Your air conditioner will begin to freeze if anything in the airflow system prevents warm air from passing over the coils while the compressor continues to operate.

Malfunctioning Ducts

Your ducts allow the air to flow through your home, so if anything gets in the way, the process will be hampered, restricting proper airflow to the coils. Even if the rest of the system is working properly, a collapsed or clogged air duct in your house may cause your air conditioner to lose circulation. Your system may begin to freeze because there isn’t enough warm air to maintain the coils at the proper temperature.

Blower Motor Failure

Your system’s blower motor plays a significant role in this system. If the blower fan stops blowing, the air won’t flow fast enough over the coils, whether it is due to the spinning motor or the run capacitor on the blower motor. When the air stops blowing, the coils begin to freeze. If your blower motor is malfunctioning, you may hear intermittent or rattling noises from your air conditioner.

Your Fan is Suffering from Low Voltage Power

Low electric power is sometimes the reason why your cooling system is freezing up. They constitute a major portion of your summer energy cost because air conditioners need electricity to operate several high-power components. When your fan or the blower motor is underpowered while the compressor is operating, the identical airflow freezing issue occurs.

Filter is Clogged

Last but not least, there’s the air intake filter. Though it’s all too easy to overlook, the air filter in your air conditioner should not be ignored. That filter lies between your dusty house vent and the air conditioning unit itself, keeping the air clean. However, when it gets clogged with dust, it acts like any other filter and becomes a blockage rather than a route. When your air filter becomes blocked, airflow slows to a halt, and no amount of blower efficiency will prevent your coils from freezing.

Clogged Coils Due to Dust

Another danger is running without an air filter, using a low-quality filter, or not replacing your filter. Moisture condenses on the cool surface of A/C refrigerant coils, making them wet. When dusty air passes over wet coils, it forms a dense blanket. That dust serves as an insulator, trapping the cold within the coils, resulting in a severe case of frostbite.

Low Refrigerant Levels

Have you ever wondered why that large machine outdoors is referred to as a compressor? After releasing the heat it has accumulated, it compresses the refrigerant. Warm air turns liquid refrigerant into a gas, which warms up and lowers pressure. The compressor then compresses it back into a liquid and pushes it back toward the house’s blower fan.

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