Artificial intelligence is finding its way into our lives more and more. But few people know exactly what it is. It means much more than just the ability to play the live casino games

Some experts even say AI is more dangerous than nuclear weapons. So let me explain what it is all about. 

It describes the ability of a computer or this kind of robotic exercise associated with intelligent beings. This process has some characteristics of humans. More specifically, the ability to think, make sense, generalize, or even the ability to learn. So, not associated with emotions. Therefore, it focuses on the components of intelligence. In a broader sense, the ability to learn, think, solve problems, perceive, and also to use language.

But the algorithms are expanded. Against the standards of intelligence, that is, to areas beyond human comprehension. This is turning AI into supercomputers and quantum computers.

Programming has made this possible. By making tasks more and more complex. Starting from humans and their learning process. And we all know how complex our brains are.  However, this discovery is still limited to certain areas such as computer search engines and speech or handwriting recognition. But they are evolving with increasing speed and memory capacity. 


The artificial intelligence or machine intelligence market will be worth 65.48 billion % in 2020. Its growth is predicted by various sources to reach $1,581.70 billion in 2030. The compound annual growth rate (CAGR) is estimated to be 38% from 2021 to 2030. 

The above developments are indicative of the coming developments in this industry. 

Nevertheless, production costs are immense. This is holding back growth. Nevertheless, the demand for such systems is steadily increasing. Natural language processing and high speed are attracting many companies. AI is a promising system for increased efficiency and productivity. 

In 2020, the artificial intelligence market will be dominated by the IT and telecommunications sectors. This is partly due to the increasing demand for telecommunication services around the world.

Some experts stated that healthcare will grow the most. This is due to trends such as increasing automation and patient services.

The largest market will be found in North America in 2020. Followed by Europe. However, this will soon change. The Asia-Pacific region is expected to see tremendous growth. Thanks to economic and technological developments in this region. 


But which trends should we keep an eye on this year? Here IS a quick overview.

First, data theft. This will help companies improve data flow. This will support thousands of sources.  

Second, automated process discovery is fueling RPA efforts. This will increase the automation potential associated with new processes. 

Another point is supply chain efficiency applications. The plan is to make the entire chain digital, from demand to supply. Last but not least, a new type of customer service is being introduced. Virtual agents are becoming increasingly important. 

These are just a few of the many, many new developments in this industry. Their growth will be remarkable, as will their impact on us.

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By Grace