Did you know that there are over 19 billion chickens on the planet? Raising chickens is something more people are thinking about for self-sustainability and saving money. If you have a healthy hen you can get a good supply of eggs and harvest the meat for your family. 

There are so many different chicken breeds to choose from and each has its own unique benefits. If you have searched “grilled chicken sandwich near me” or thought about raising your own, keep reading to find out the different breeds that exist today. 

Rhode Island Red 

This breed is one of the best chicken types for inexperienced breeders. They are able to withstand questionable conditions and have an unstable diet. As the name suggests this chicken has a dark red body and you can expect anywhere from 200 and 250 eggs a year. 

The Barnevelder Chicken

This bird has a unique brown feather pattern that looks like an arrowhead. It is a docile and friendly creature which makes this breed a great choice if children will be nearby.

Named after a Dutch town, these birds are able to lay throughout the winter. Their eggs will be dark-colored and spotted. They can lay up to 200 per year. 

Easter Egg Chicken

Another good choice for people with kids, this chicken can eat treats and sit on laps. It is well-known for producing eggs in rainbow colors which makes it a popular breed. 

Jersey Giants

This bird gets its name because of its huge size. They can reach up to 15 pounds but despite their size are some of the most gentle birds. Jersey Giants can lay around 150 to 200 eggs a year, but a great deal of them break because of the pressure on them. 

Leghorn Chicken

If left to free-range Leghorns are intelligent enough to find their own food. They are decent at flying and being active throughout the day.

This bird can produce around 280 eggs per year. Their eggs get bigger every year so during the bird’s final year they should be pretty large. 

Maran Chickens

There are many varieties of this rooster. It is a timid and relatively quiet bird that has a hard time thriving in hard conditions. It can only lay up to 150 brown eggs per year. 

This bird originally comes from France back in the 1930s. Here are some of the colors you might find in Maran chickens:

  • Black-tailed Buff
  • Black Copper
  • Colombian
  • White
  • Birchen
  • Wheaten

ISA Brown 

A prolific layer of eggs, the ISA brown chicken can yield up to 300 or more a year. It is a medium size chicken with brown and white feathers. These breeds are sweet-mannered and produce for their owner, proving to be one of the best chicken types. 

Chicken Breeds: Choose Your Favorite

Remember that when you are choosing your chicken breeds you want to pick a bird that is suitable depending on your climate and conditions. Whether you are looking for a bird for eggs, eating meat, or as a friendly pet, you should find a bird in this article that suits your needs. 

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