Have you been thinking about becoming vegan lately? Even though vegans only make up 6% of American consumers, 39% of the American population say they aim to be vegan. So, why are so many people going vegan?

There are tons of health benefits to switching to a vegan diet, many of which are backed by scientific research. If you’re interested in knowing the top reasons to go vegan, take a look below.

1. For Animals

One of the biggest reasons to adopt a vegan diet is for the animals. Whether you’re a die-hard animal lover or you have a pet best friend, most people understand that animals are individuals. They have personalities and idiosyncracies in the same way humans do.

The more people who stop eating animal meat, the fewer animals need to be kept in intensive farming situations and slaughtered to end up on supermarket shelves.

2. For the Environment

The farming industry has a detrimental effect on the environment. From pollution to greenhouse emissions and land and water use, it’s one of the most damaging industries. Converting to a vegan diet is the best way to reduce this kind of carbon footprint.

3. For People

Not everyone is an animal lover, but going vegan also helps other people. Right now, the world is producing enough food for every person on the planet. However, many people still go hungry because of how it’s distributed.

Our plants are often fed to animals to ensure there is enough meat to sell. Eating an animal that’s been fed plants is just a long way to eating plants. 

4. Delicious Recipes

The thought of doing a vegan diet can be daunting, especially when you have to give up things you’ve learned to love. There are plenty of delicious vegan recipes that are simple to cook on a busy schedule. There are also lots of alternative products, so you don’t have to give up favorites like chocolate or peanut butter.

Take a look at more here.

5. Antibiotic Resistance

Many farm animals are fed antibiotics on the recommendation of the WHO. It’s a preemptive measure that’s meant to ensure meat-eaters don’t pick up illnesses from animals. However, what this will inevitably lead to is antibiotic resistance.

Our antibiotics must work when we need them to. If we’re all building up a slow resistance, there may be a need for new and experimental types of antibiotics in the future. You can slow your resistance to antibiotics by cutting meat from your diet.

What It Means to Go Vegan

When you go vegan, you’re protecting your own body, other people, and animals, not to mention the environment. Going vegan is a huge step in the right direction for the future of generations to come. You can start your vegan journey today by eliminating one thing from your diet at a time.

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