If you live in a place like Arizona or Sydney, chances are you have a sunroom. These rooms can be great escapes for those looking for a bit of downtime and peace. You will want to ensure it is filled well with the right indoor plants that can grow and flourish in a sunroom. Indoor plants will make any room come alive, and if you have them in sunrooms, the better off the décor and the vibe will be. Hanging the right indoor plants in the room will add to that calming effect you might be looking for when you visit the room. You also want to have low-maintenance plants, something that requires little attention but returns maximum enjoyment. Below we have listed some of the best low-maintenance plants for your sunroom.


When you look for something that will bring more color to the room, you want this plant. This flower can be in any room in your house and bring about that vibrant feel for any room. Your sunroom will undoubtedly appreciate the hibiscus as part of the décor. The flower doesn’t even need a huge space to be planted in as it can grow in a container. You only need to water the plant once a day. 

Passion Flower

Tropical plants are another great idea when you’re looking to have plants in your sunroom. For example, a passionflower will thrive well in the summer, but you need to have it in a big pot. The fragrance they give out will also bring a great smell to the room. Though the plant won’t do well in the winter, they’ll do well when they are in the sunroom during the warmer parts of the year. 

Spider Plants

With the sunroom, you want something that doesn’t need much attention. Spider plants are some of the easiest plants to maintain. As long as you have the plants at a distance from direct sunlight, the plant will thrive. If you give the plants enough time to grow and thrive, they’ll sprout flowers. 

African Violet

Another plant that thrives indoors has got to be the African violet. You’ll find this purple flower on more desks than any other flower around the globe. They do well in pots, and they generally do well indoors as they prefer room temperature to grow and thrive. One thing you need to note about the flower is that wherever you are comfortable with temperatures, the flower is also comfortable. That makes it easy to live indoors with you unless you like your home ice cold. This plant will undoubtedly add a good vibe to the sunroom. 

Peace Lily

This is a great plant to add to any space in your home, but especially to a sunroom. You don’t need to give in too much care for the plant to grow. It is also a plant that will help you purify the air of the room you have it in. The flower will neutralize toxic gases, so if you had a pot of beans the night before, you need not worry, as this plant will neutralize any odors you may release. 

Fake Plants 

Talk about low maintenance, artificial plants are the easiest plants to take care of. You don’t need to water them or give them sunlight, but they may need to be dusted on occasion. Since these can be planted in any size pot, you can get creative with where you plant them. Using vintage glassware, or old aluminum cans can add a rustic feel to the room. You can find realistic plant arrangements online, or at your local home and garden shops. Since they are artificial, you can even get creative and add some additional color yourself with paints and craft materials. We advise that you speak to an artificial plant specialist before you do, so that you use the right materials and don’t damage the plastic plant.  

Give It a Natural Touch

Your sunroom needs some natural touch to feel right, and some plants can give you that. These are some of the best low-maintenance plants you can have in your sunroom. Some will make the room feel good, and the décor will immensely improve.