Top 3 Packaging Companies for Printing Compelling Custom Logo Eyelash Boxes

Pitching and promoting beauty items require appealing product presentation. It is not easy to gain the attention of fake eyelash lovers as they have so many choices available in stores and online. A quick way to make your magnetic, sable, and silk falsies worth noticing with the shoppers is displaying them in coruscating packaging. 

You can leave a lasting impression through aesthetically pleasing boxes. Make the best out of them for describing the improved formulation and exciting features of eyelash extensions.  If you have a budding brand, an original and gripping packaging idea will support you with endorsing the individuality of your business. 

Utilize the custom logo eyelash boxes to your advantage for giving new buyers a quick and interesting insight into your cosmetics manufacturing company. Striking custom packaging would captivate the walk-in shoppers looking for artificial eyelashes.  They will feel attracted toward the strip, flared and voluminous falsies packaged in intriguing boxes. 

Expedite the purchase process by mentioning the unique selling points of your products on the packaging. You need to have a competent and skilled printing provider that can guide you about the latest industry inclinations and can get the boxes custom-made according to the latest techniques and trends. 

Before you opt for a printer, do your search and research to evaluate and compare the service standards of some well-reputed and experienced vendors. Don’t get carried away by same-day printing and incredibly low wholesale packaging rates. Poorly printed boxes wouldn’t only affect the texture of false eyelashes but are likely to ruin your brand’s image and credibility as well. 

We are reviewing the three most sought-after packaging manufacturing companies you can rely on to customize your lash boxes!

The Legacy Printing 

Reasons to Trust this Printing Provider  

The box manufacturer has been serving the packaging needs of food, retail, and other businesses for years now. The printer has helped many growing, established, and newbie beauty brands launch and promote their products by providing them with riveting and result-oriented packaging solutions. 

The e-packaging company has a trained team of professionals that are enthusiastic about providing clients a delightful service experience. So right from the start, where you will initiate the conversation with a sales or support agent, you will be treated genially and proactively. 

The printer believes in constantly improving the services; therefore, it keeps pace with what’s new and happening in the printing world. Over a span of few years, it has built rapport with clients that include businesses of all sorts and sizes across the US. The box supplier has a knack for printing all kinds of cosmetic packaging items, especially eyelash boxes. 

Talk to design and other teams about the purposes you want the packaging to serve, be it branding, marketing or increasing sales, they will get the boxes custom printed considering your requirements and liking. The printer can design entrancing packaging for your corner, under and other lashes to pique the interest of lash veterans in your offers. 

The graphics team is quite creative and would assist you with refining an existing artwork or if you want new design options, they are capable of giving you beguiling artwork variations for any kind of cosmetic boxes. 

Get Unrivalled Packaging Items at an Affordable Price 

The printer can get your desired boxes made with any stock, style, and customizations you want. Talk to the production team about the kind of packaging boxes you are looking for eyelash extensions. Select the printing material, layout, and finishing details you like, and the packaging would be printed as per your expectations. 

If you don’t know much about the printing processes and commonly used stocks, feel free to put forth your queries to the sales or other staff, and they will guide you about full, two-color, and digital printing processes. The Legacy Printing uses the finest stocks and inks to ensure the boxes stay on shelves for a longer period. 

You can view thickness and other specs of commonly used printing materials like cardstock, kraft, and paperboard before placing your order. Ask for samples and suggest any changes before getting the bulk packaging items printed. There are no hidden or extra charges for sampling. 

Turnaround and Quality Assurance 

The printer takes almost 8-12 days to design, manufacturing, and delivering the boxes. The QA department meticulously checks the printed items for misprints, scratches, and other issues. The price range varies for different products but is quite nominal. You can order as many packaging boxes as you want. 

Packaging Republic 

This online printing provider offers cost-effective custom box solutions to businesses and individuals. You can have packaging for cosmetics, eatables, gifts, and other items personalized according to the most recent techniques and finishing options. The printer offers you a variety of box stock and style choices. 

Take your pick for the printing material and custom options like raised ink, UV coating, glossy/matte lamination, window, embossing, or debossing for custom logo eyelash boxes. The packaging manufacturer has won over the trust of its clients by wooing them with stellar services. 

You should take a website tour to see for yourself some templates for the boxes you want. If you don’t find an interesting layout, upload your design file, and the packaging will be printed according to your artwork. Ask for a sample made to view finishing and other details before getting the bulk boxes manufactured. The sales and support teams don’t make you wait to get answers to queries. 

More about Personalized Packaging 

The printer has a sagacious approach to comprehending the needs and dynamics of a business first before suggesting any stock, style, and other custom solutions. You will have to explain the demographics and psychographics of your target audience before getting the boxes designed and printed. 

There are many die-cut and other shapes for lash packaging that you can have tailored in the size you require. If you have a box layout that you would like to personalize, ask the production team about the possibility of having it crafted your way. CMYK and digital printing techniques are used in manufacturing the packaging for cosmetics. 

The production and delivery time of this printing company is around 10-12 days, and you can avail expedite services as well. 

The Custom Boxes 

The packaging supplier can print a number of packaging products ranging from cosmetics to food ones and more. The quality of boxes is good, and custom printing is not that pricey. You can have packaging designed by the graphics team that can provide new artwork options quickly. 

The printing company has a friendly customer service team that you can reach out to ask questions about the stocks and processes used. The production time doesn’t span weeks, and there are layout options available on the website to make it simple for you to pick a template. 

This box printer can custom make packaging items according to your industry trends. The finesse of packaging and reasonable production and shipping time are the likable service aspects of this printing vendor. 

The printer ensures the queries are satisfactorily answered, and orders are delivered without delay. You can sign up with this box supplier for your cosmetic box design and printing solutions. 

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