The family car is the lifeblood of many households, helping kids get to school, sports clubs, and getting parents to work on time afterward! 

WhatCar’s 2022 Car of the Year Awards were recently dished out, with winners across categories such as small car, luxury car, and, of course, family car. 

Here’s a rundown of the top 10 family cars that you should look at if you’re making a purchase soon. 

Mazda 3 

The Japanese brand’s venture into the family car market has been well-received for a couple of years, with a plentiful level of standard equipment making it a well-supported drive. It’s not the roomiest model available so perhaps not ideal for growing families. 

Mercedes A-Class 

Of course, plenty of prestige comes with owning a Merc and there are plenty of lavish touches with this model, including reversing camera as standard and a large infotainment screen. If you’re less concerned about the badge, however, there might be better options for you. 

Toyota Corolla 

The Corolla is the most-sold car model on the planet and the most recent iteration comes as a plug-in hybrid. Several different body styles mean you can tweak this car to suit the needs of you and your family. 

BMW 1 Series 

A recent switch to front-wheel drive has made this model even better to drive and, much like the A-Class, it ramps up the luxe in terms of infotainment. However, the sportier looks come at the cost of rear headroom. 

Volkswagen Golf 

Now onto its eighth generation, this staple of driveways up and down the country remains a firm favorite. The looks have been updated on the most recent model, however much of what lies underneath the bodywork remains similar to previous versions. 

Ford Focus 

Another long-standing player in the British car market, the Focus has been well-fancied over the years for its ride quality and the most recent iterations are no different. Quickclear heated windscreens are perfect for those rushed but cold school runs. 

Skoda Scala 

This family hatchback has a different look from many others in the category and that translates to a much roomier interior. While it might not be the most thrilling to drive, that falls by the wayside when you can squeeze a full weekly shop and a pram in the boot! 

Skoda Octavia 

The Czech brand hits the spot again with another model that offers top-of-the-class practicality and room, as well as lower running costs than many of its rivals. 

Audi A3 

The top-ranked premium model gets the better of Mercedes and BMW by dint of an accentuated exterior restyle and a much revamped interior design and cockpit tech spec. As standard, you can enjoy a 10-inch infotainment screen, air-conditioning, sat-nav, Bluetooth, and a DAB radio. 

Seat Leon 

The category winner, a base price of £20,405 made Leon a winner in the end. With plenty of tech and a comfortable ride to match its rivals, that family-friendly price makes it a tough act to beat.