The Las Vegas Guide to the Best Las Vegas Shows

A lot of people are curious about what kind of topless shows Vegas has to offer. While there is an abundance, it can be hard to decide which one to see. This article will give you the inside scoop on some of the best Vegas shows that happen without any clothes at all. These reviews come from a variety of perspectives, so hopefully this will help you make your decision easier!

Expose by Chippendales: The newest Vegas show to hit the strip, this is a two and a half hour long performance that features some of the best male dancers in Las Vegas. There are also several short scenes with celebrities such as Carmen Electra, Melanie Iglesias, Kendra Wilkinson and more. This particular show has been on since 2013 (and will be until 2020) so if you want something new coming through town soon(ish), then you should look for other options first.

La Femme: A must see spotty show all about women empowerment! Seriously though, it’s really entertaining whether or not you’re into females being empowered… All jokes aside, this is one of those shows where the women do most of the heavy lifting which is really refreshing and makes for a great show.

Zumanity: This is one, sophisticated and sometimes even silly show that has some intriguing features such as burlesque dancers, male acrobats, aerialists and more. It also includes Cirque du Soleil’s signature “flying” contortionist act… These are just three famous Vegas topless shows but there are literally hundreds throughout the year so don’t be afraid to explore!

I hope this post provided you with all your answers on what Vegas topless shows might best suit you in terms of entertainment value or personal preference because being able to choose can be tough at times! If not then visit our website where you can find more in-depth information about each Vegas topless show and what it has to offer.

the different types of tickets available – from a single ticket for one show or event at time all the way up the full pass which will give you access into every single possible topless entertainment that Sin City has on its roster! We’ll do our very best so that this guide is your roadmap for navigating through some of these dicier decisions but remember: have fun while doing it because if not then why bother?

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Different types of tickets available – from a single-show ticket for a single day or date to a season-long pass

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