The Brief Guide That Makes Choosing the Best CFO Simple

The average CFO, or Chief Financial Officer, gets paid an impressive $393,377 per year. If your company is spending such serious money on a new employee for this role, how can you be sure you find the best CFO for the job?

It’s a very specialized role that requires skills in leadership, accounting, communication, and strong business knowledge, to name a few. It’s not easy to find someone with all of these skills, so you have some work cut out for you.

However, this guide is here to help. Keep reading to find out top tips for hiring the best CFO in the business industry.

Work With a Recruitment Agency

Because the CFO role is so highly specialized, it’s hard to attract the right candidates. You’ll save time (and get better results) by hiring the best recruitment firm in your area.

They will have a pool of pre-vetted candidates for you to interview, which is much more time-efficient than sorting through hundreds of resumes.

Look for Relevant Experience

CFO isn’t just one job—there are plenty of types of CFOs, such as operational, change management, and accounting. You need to know which type of CFO your company needs so you can find someone with the relevant experience.

When reviewing resumes or interviewing, be sure to find candidates who have experience doing this for a company that’s similar to yours. Or, if you’re hiring a virtual CFO, look for someone with virtual CFO experience.

Working remotely in such an important role isn’t easy, so don’t take the risk with someone new to the job.

Go Beyond the Resume

Many candidates have impeccable resumes with years of experience and proven results. However, you need to look past the resume and at the actual person.

Does this candidate seem like someone who’d be a good fit into your office culture? Do they have the interpersonal and leadership qualities you need? How about communication skills?

Yes, education and experience are very important, but so is the individual.

Find Someone Trustworthy

It’s not easy to find the right CFO, since they’re entrusted with such an important responsibility—managing your company’s finances! This means the person you hire needs to be completely trustworthy, ethical, and honest.

Otherwise, you’re opening up your company to serious problems. To prevent this, consider running a background check on a potential CFO before offering them the job.

Hire the Best CFO With This Guide

If your company needs a new financial direction and guidance, use this guide to find the best CFO candidate for the role. It may take sifting through plenty of resumes and hours of interviews, but it’s worth it!

Once you find the ideal candidate, your company’s finances will be in good hands—a bright financial future awaits your business!

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Author: Grace