Everybody involved in the casino world has always been dreaming about winning big when playing slots, and no, this is not a fantasy as many might think, but a real possibility to experience with simply one spin of the reel. A casino is always a gamble that can be the biggest fortune of one’s life. In this article, you will find all the necessary information on the most prominent casino wins in history. First, take a look at best online bitcoin casinos.

Charlie Wells – $1 million

Charlie Wells is an English gambler who is famous for breaking the bank at Monte Carlo in 1981. Although Wells claimed that he had a certain strategy to win every game, it is still a mystery how he could do so, and many people believe that he cheated and broke the program. No matter what, nobody could take his millions away, and he also became one of those lucky winners of all time.

Mike Ashley – $1.8 million

Mike Ashley is known for owning a football team, “Newcastle United.”

In 2008 he won $1.8 million despite her short time staying at the casino- 15 minutes. Although this might seem a small win for him because he was already a billionaire, it is still considered one of the best casinos wins.

Martin Jacobson-$10 million

Martin Jacobson is a young Swedish trainee chef who won the main prize at the 2014 WSOP Main Event. It took 16 hours of his work to reach $10million. 

Beverly Whitten – $3.7 Million

Not long ago, in 2006, teacher Beverly Whitten went to have her rest in West Virginia. There, she played “Golden Chambers.” To her surprise, Whitten won $3,7 million over two hours. She chose to receive the money monthly to make her comfortable life. 

Amy Nishimura – $8.9 Million

A 71-year-old woman named Amy Nishimura took the risk of losing her initial $100 stake and ended up winning $8.9 million in the Fremont Las Vegas back in 2003. That fortunate night surely changed her life dramatically!

John Tippin – $12 Milion

Remember this title – Gold Coast Casino – a place that made a billionaire out of an ordinary office worker overnight. John won $12 million, but his luck played him dirty because he did not manage to spend the money wisely and wasted it all on his hedonistic pursuits.

Daniel Colman: $15.3 million

Daniel Colman is the person who won the second-largest tournament in poker history, called Big One for One Drop 2014. At that time, Daniel was 23, which surprised many other experienced poker players. It is interesting how he refused to be photographed after this big win.

Elmer Cherwin – $25 Million

A hell of luck for this man, Elmer Sherman, who walked into a casino in Mirage, Las Vegas, got his first jackpot for $4.6 million, and came back sixteen years later to make history – win another jackpot for $21 million. 

Kerry Packer – $30 Milion

This man, being a billionaire, was not really losing anything when entering the walls of the Grand Casino in Las Vegas. Yet, he got back home with a bigger prize than he was hoping for – and that was a jackpot for $30 which eventually guaranteed him the nickname “Prince of Whales.” 

“Anonymous” Peter – $38 Million

Who said it is pointless to persist “unless fate is on your side”? A man named Peter, who did not reveal his name at the beginning, despite several failures and disappointments, never gave up and finally created his fate just sitting at his computer monitor – he hit the jackpot for $38 million. 

Archie Karas – $40 Million

And last but not least, let us introduce you to a Greek immigrant Archie, who moved to Las Vegas having only $50 left in his pocket. But that did not break his will, and he tried his luck in a local casino, gaining $40 million for playing in total for 2.5 years. 

To conclude, the article included a list of people who used casinos wisely and could eventually become millionaires. After reading their stories, you can never understand how casinos work: is it luck or a smart implementation of specific strategies?