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Don’t underestimate the ability of flowers to turn someone’s day around. Whether you’re sending a bouquet to mark a holiday, to celebrate a milestone, or to make nice after an argument, we think UrbanStems is the best flower delivery service. Of the nine companies we tried, its stylish arrangements were the most beautiful, the freshest, the most well packaged, and the easiest to order.

The flowers from UrbanStems were, hands down, the best we received, especially considering their reasonable price. Both The Macchiato and The Catalina arrangements were more attractive and stayed fresh longer than bouquets we ordered that were twice the price. (In case you become attached to a particular bouquet, keep in mind that specific arrangements tend to come and go as their component flowers go in and out of season.) UrbanStems’s ordering service is also easy: The website is a cinch to navigate, with filters that make it simple to sort by such categories as price, color, or occasion. You can choose to add a vase (there are usually a few choices that increase the bouquet’s price anywhere from $12 to $25) and even candies, chocolates, or candles. Plus, every bouquet includes a “recipe” on the site that lists each type of flower included (which is useful if you happen to know your recipient’s favorite flower or you’re just interested in learning more about what you like). The timeline for delivery also varies, depending on where the bouquet is going and how it’s being delivered. Same-day delivery is possible in some parts of Washington, DC, and New York City; for the rest of the country, FedEx handles the delivery, sometimes as soon as the next day.Visit here;

The floral arrangements Costco offers aren’t as modern or stylish as those offered by Teleflora and UrbanStems. But Costco’s are pretty in a traditional way, and most of them cost far less than offerings from those other services. Costco ships its flowers via different carriers, depending on location, and it sometimes offers next-day delivery on certain bouquets. Just keep in mind that Costco does not deliver Saturday through Monday, which means it may not be the best service for last-minute or weekend flower needs. Also, you don’t need a membership to order flowers from Costco, but if you’re not a member, there’s a 5% surcharge.

Teleflora uses local florists to fulfil its orders. This means consistency across cities may vary, but it also means the company can consistently deliver a large selection of flowers the same day you order. Teleflora is also the only one of our picks that delivers to Hawaii and Alaska. The Blush Life Bouquet we ordered was beautiful, and all of the flowers and filler in it smelled and looked great for a week. Ordering from Teleflora is straightforward, with the option to filter for occasion, color, same-day delivery, or flower type. Still, unlike pricing on UrbanStems or Costco, Teleflora’s upfront pricing was somewhat misleading: Our $70 bouquet ended up costing $92, after taxes and an $18 service fee (what Teleflora calls its shipping fee). Teleflora’s fees are comparable to those at UrbanStems, but you have to click through a few more pages at checkout to see the price breakdown. Still, if you need beautiful flowers sent the same day, we think it’s a good option.

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