Swissquote Leverage & Margin Requirements

Based on our Swissquote review and analysis the leverage offered by Swissquote are based on the regulations or the jurisdiction in which the trading account is. If the account falls under the supervision of the regulator, Switzerland, the maximum leverage is 400:1.

Investors are more likely to deposit money at more unregulated platforms due to leverages that are high. Swissquote Brokers can solve this problem because traders are able to avoid the risks associated with trading with an unregulated broker. Furthermore, as compared with other brokerages, Swissquote Europe and the UK provide compensation policies, arbitration and consumer protection, which makes it a great option for everyone.

Swissquote Fees

Swissquote, along with other competitor brokers that are in the same category, accepts rates called spreads (difference between the purchase and sale price). Swissquote prices and transaction fees are fairly competitive. They provide three levels of minimum spreads, based on the initial deposit of the trader that could be an obstacle to certain investors and traders. The typical size of a trading account could be worth up to $25,000 and an initial deposit minimum of $1000.

The spread between Standard as well as Prime accounts is approximately 0.6 percent. Margin requirements are the same regardless of the account that is used for traders. Commission-based Elite accounts are equipped with custom spreads, with the sole exception of the lower limits on the margin-call threshold and stop-out.

Swissquote Deposit & Withdrawal Options

●       Swissquote Deposit Methods

Payments made with Swissquote Brokers can be made in nine different currencies using credit, prepaid, debit and wire or via bank transfer. A minimum cost could be applied to specific payments based on bank service providers. Apart from this minimum charge which could be applicable, customers must keep their Swissquote Minimum deposit requirement of 1000 dollars (or an equivalent amount).

●       Swissquote Withdrawal Methods

The withdrawal method can be handled from the e-portal. However, unlike the methods of funding payment the account, funds can be taken from Swissquote only by bank transfer. The Swiss bank could charge a small amount to facilitate this best forex brokers.

Please note that processing times for withdrawals are immediate for credit card transactions (completed within that same day) however bank and wire transfers can take between 1 and three working days for completion.

Swissquote Bonuses & Promotions

Swissquote is not able to offer bonus on deposits or no deposit for its customers due to the regulatory restrictions. The platform has come up with an offer of two referral bonuses that is described in the following section.

How do you select the best forex broker

If you’re trying to choose the best forex broker in the world that meets your requirements there are a few essential considerations to bear in your head.

1. The presence of brokers is on the market for forex

Find firms that have been around for a long period of time. For the longer time they’ve been on the market, the better reviews you can refer to make an informed decision. Companies that are older also have a tendency to be more reputable. This means they are more likely to provide good service and meet their commitments.

2. Licenses

Licenses must be one of the first things you look for. If you select an unlicensed broker and aren’t in compliance with regulatory requirements your trading portfolio is at risk. Brokers that are licensed properly are monitored by independent bodies of the government to safeguard investors and traders. Additionally, it is costly to keep licenses in place therefore only legitimate companies adhere to the rules.

3. Country of registration

As increasing numbers of brokers provide full-time online services, having an extensive network of representative offices demonstrates an interest in the brokerage industry. Furthermore, the fact that you are registered in a country that has strong financial protection regulations indicates that your investment is secure.

4. Conditions of trading

Each brokerage platform provides an array of conditions and features. The first step is to determine which features are the most crucial to your needs. What is the rate of commission the broker is taking? These are all important issues to think about prior to selecting a platform.

5. Customer service quality

The forex market is open all day long. This means that the broker needs to offer 24/7 support. Review the reviews of the customer service provided by the company. If you encounter a problem on your account, be certain that the broker can resolve the issue quickly.


To summarize this Swissquote review in a nutshell, as it is a Swiss investment bank founded at the end of 2000 Swissquote is gaining a huge reputation in the world of finance through providing investors and traders with a vast array of products and services including trading on social networks. It is all done in a safe manner by using the rule of compensation for investors and the latest technology.