Probably, you have heard about free tokens on Terra and have been curious about it. After all, everyone would want to earn something extra for free, right? What if this is true? Well, it is. LUNA airdrop is one way to earn more for investors on the Terra platform. And we will tell you about how to take advantage of this and unlock weekly airdrops.

LUNA Airdrop in a Nutshell

Generally, an airdrop is about distributing free crypto coins and tokens to members of a blockchain as a reward for a specific activity. But the main goal is to promote the distributed coin, which is usually new on the market.

LUNA airdrop involves distributing new tokens minted on the Terra blockchain to LUNA stakers. Because there are different protocols and new ones are about to be released, there are a lot of opportunities. Hence, there are many good reasons to invest in the Terra blockchain.

Where and How to Get LUNA Airdrop

LUNA airdrops are available on different protocols such as Mirror, Pylon, Valkyrie, and Anchor among others. Depending on your investment, you will see all the LUNA airdrop opportunities that you are eligible for on different protocols on these platforms. It is important that you check all of them to stay on top of the game and ensure you do not miss anything. 

·  Terra Station – This is the original home platform for LUNA staking. Whether you are using the website or the app, you will see a dashboard with a summary of all the airdrops you are eligible for. Hence, this is a pretty straightforward opportunity; all you need is to keep an eye on your opening to earn. They will also share the guide on how to unlock the LUNA airdrop every time it is due.

·  Binance – Terra has recently partnered with Binance, one of the biggest and most dynamic crypto exchange platforms, and you can now unlock LUNA airdrops for staking LUNA. So, if you are used to Binance, all you need is to navigate to the LUNA tab and check the open airdrops. Claiming involves following easy steps.

·  Loop – If you have used the Loop market platform before, you can attest that it is a growing platform. Right now, investors can access Terra blockchain services including staking LUNA and claiming LUNA airdrops. Again, they have straightforward steps to stake and claim airdrops that you are eligible for. Additionally, Loop has a thriving exchange to help you grow your cryptocurrency.

·  KuCoin – Lastly, let’s mention this popular and fast-growing platform that has also partnered with Terra in an effort to expand its services. Those who have invested here or plan to do so can now check the opportunities to stake LUNA and claim LUNA airdrops. Just like any other platform we have mentioned, the procedures to stake and claim tokens through airdrops are very simple.

Final Words

Staking LUNA has rewarding airdrop benefits, and the good thing is that there are several ways and places to unlock LUNA airdrop opportunities. The tokens give you the power to invest more, contribute to the blockchain, and even make decisions that will take the community to the next level.