The life of a soldier is full of challenges and threats. Soldiers face difficulties and have to survive in hostile terrains and live with minimal resources. Hence, they have to carry equipment and weapons that offer maximum utility. Swiss army knives or multi-tools are the perfect tool for soldiers as they are lightweight and easy to carry. 

Swiss Army Knives Are A Soldier’s Best Friend

Soldiers often travel long distances and that too on foot, so they cannot carry heavy iron tools, but they can have a simple yet useful tool like a multi-tool. So, if a military regiment is looking for a Swiss army knives wholesale shop, they can check out a wholesaler and get a good deal. This blog post discusses some common ways in which a multi-tool can be a lifesaver for a soldier.

Clearing Out Bushes

Army regiments often carry out secretive operations where they may have to travel in a jungle or a place with a lot of wild plant growth. A multi-tool comes in handy when it comes to clearing out bushes. The knife or the blade is sharp enough to cut out tendrils and even thin woody branches of trees. 

Setting Up Camps

Soldiers travel in hostile environments for long hours. After soldiers have traveled for five to six hours at a stretch, they set up camps to rest for some time before they can start their journey again. So, multi-tools that have screwdrivers, wire cutters, as well as blades and scissors are very useful for setting up camps in rocky terrain. 

Food Preparation

When soldiers camp at any isolated place, they eat food that they carry in their backpacks. Most of the food is in cans or bottles. So, soldiers need a tool with which they can remove the cap of a bottle. It is in such situations that a cap opener or a bottle opener of a multi-tool comes to good use. 

Easy First-Aid

It is not uncommon for soldiers to get injured while they are traveling. Sometimes, they may get pricked by thorns, or their shoes may get pierced by random iron nails. So, soldiers have to be prepared for quick and easy first-aid so that the wound does not get infectious. Most multi-tools have tweezers, and these tweezers can easily remove thorns, glass shards, or any other sharp object that has pierced the body of the soldier. Most often, fellow soldiers or the physician in the army sterilizes the tweezer and uses it to gently remove the thorn/ sharp object from the site of injury. 

Final Words

The examples discussed above show how useful multi-tools are for soldiers. They are useful for setting up camps, clearing thickets, preparing food and uncanny bottles, and treating wounds. However, multi-tools are not weapons; most soldiers carry them because they help them survive in a hostile environment and they must not be used to fight an enemy or even hunt an animal in a hostile environment.