How to open a Car Repairing company

There are more and more cars on the roads every day. This fact is confirmed by huge traffic jams in cities. This is also confirmed by the volume of car sales for the year. These numbers will surprise you. As there are more cars, then there are more customers. Today we will look at how to open a car service from scratch.

Growing up to the size and quality of service of large repair companies, such as our friends at, is a difficult and long way to go. But you need to start, of course, with the foundation of your company.

If we talk about a car service, then this business can freely bring its owner a stable solid profit. However, it should immediately be noted that the competition in this area is very strong, and all this despite the huge demand. In this business, the quality of the services you are going to provide is very important. Almost all car owners tend to find one car repair shop and visit only one. So, if your car repair services are much better than those of your competitors, and you competently manage to organize your business, then you will have no end to regular customers, and profits will constantly increase.

Features of the selection of premises for a car service

The main requirements that the law today requires from such premises:

  •  the distance to the nearest residential building or educational institution should be from 50 meters or more;
  •  the distance to the nearest lake or river must exceed 150 meters;
  •  sewerage and water supply are required.

Car service provided

Next, you must determine the list of car repair services that you want to provide. Here is their complete list: 

  • running gear repair;
  • engine repair; 
  • painting repair; 
  • electrical repair
  • body repair;
  • tire fitting works;
  • replacement of consumable parts of the car (change of oil, filters, etc.).

Of course, it is best to provide all services at once. So you cover the entire flow of future customers in this type of business. But due to a lot of reasons, this is very difficult to do. First, it’s all the same money. Secondly, it is extremely difficult to immediately find intelligent specialists. Therefore, to start, it is better to choose four directions and try to organize the selected services with the highest quality. 

Rent or purchase of premises for service stations

When you decide on the final list of services for the business, then you can start thinking about the number of boxes and floor space for the auto repair shop. You should choose a site for construction or a finished building. Personally, I would recommend that you look for a room, even if it is at the final stage of construction. Thus, you will save yourself from the problems associated with construction and documents for it. But if it does not exist, then it will have to be built. 

Renting a land plot for premises in this business is inappropriate, because, for example, if your landlord wants to do something of his own on the site of your premises, then you will lose all the funds invested in the premises itself and its arrangement.

Service station staff

You must be demanding of your employees, as the success of your business depends very much on the competence of your staff.

Your employees must provide exceptionally high quality service and be extremely honest with all customers.

Technical equipment of a car repair company

It is your future employees who should tell you what equipment you will need to provide services. Good way to minimize costs is leasing. Now many companies offer good conditions for long-term lease with subsequent redemption for car repair shop equipment. 

Documents for car service

First you must register your business in any legal form. In the future, you need to obtain permission to make sure that all your services and conditions comply with all legal standards. Next, you need to get permission from the firemen. The room you choose must comply with fire safety requirements. You need to sign a waste collection agreement. You should also have documents for salable parts on hand if you plan to sell them, however, most car services sell them illegally, they simply buy spare parts and trade them under the counter. This is the main set of documents that you will need.

With a successful organization, an average car service will bring a decent amount to its owner. It all depends on the range of services provided and external factors. On average, such a business pays off in 1.5-2 years.


Author: Grace