Are you unsure what challenge coins are? Do you have a challenge coin collection, but you’re not sure how to properly care for and display it?

Challenge coins can be a fun perk, a little piece of history, or a source of pride for an achievement. Read on for the guide to challenge coin collectibles, and how to safely store, clean, and display your collection.

Collectible Challenge Coins

Challenge coins have a long history dating back to Roman times. U.S. military and Coast Guard coins have been awarded for recognition through service since the Vietnam War.

Challenge coin popularity has increased in the past few decades. The NFL, police and fire departments, U.S. presidents, and other organizations have adopted their own collectible challenge coins.

How to Collect Challenge Coins

Challenge coins are a popular hobby for people within their organization. Some numismatists and history buffs will also collect challenge coins.

Like other collectible coins, they’re regularly sold on sites like Amazon or eBay. They’re also sold or exchanged through auctions, coin stores, and coin collection groups. Also, there are so many reputed companies out there that can help you make your own custom coins as well like

Storing Your Challenge Coins

A challenge coin collection should be properly stored before it’s inserted into a display. Like other items, they can fade, chip, or warp with too much direct sunlight or moisture exposure.

They should also be stored securely so the coins don’t knock against each other or any hard edges. There are many boxes and books specifically designed to safeguard challenge coin collectibles.

Cleaning You Challenge Coins

Coins should be gleaming and spotless before placing them on display. Harsh cleaning materials and methods can damage your challenge coin, however.

Avoid abrasive chemicals like bleach, and use soft cloths for drying so the paint and enamel don’t get scratched.

They are many different methods to clean coins, from olive oil to acetone. But most coins should only need a light rinse and gentle cleaning with distilled water.

Displaying Your Challenge Coin Collection

Like storage, a challenge coin collection display should be away from direct sunlight and high-moisture areas. Many displays include soft linings or secure holders so the edges don’t wear or chip.

Shadow Box

Military members frequently use a shadow box for display. This lets them include their challenge coins alongside their ribbons, pins, medals, and other significant military memorabilia. 

Display Rack

Display racks are a simple way to keep up with your collectible challenge coins. They come with slots or spacers to hold the coins, which are easily rearranged or moved. Racks can be vertical or horizontal and come in different shapes, like pyramids or half-circles.

Display Case

Cases offer more protection from the elements and environment. Coins are stored in soft material underneath a glass, acrylic, or similar type viewing cover.

Mounted Display

Coin mounts are similar to racks. They come as frames, glass holders, or customized solid shapes like states, flags, and insignias that have special coin holding inserts built-in.

They can also be mounted in “floating” displays where the coins are suspended in transparent material.

Ready to Start Collecting Challenge Coins?

Challenge coins are a great collection hobby for both casual and serious collectors. Whether you’re a history or coin enthusiast, a challenge coin collection will satisfy both aspirations.

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