Becoming a successful bettor in Cyprus is not an easy task that is for sure. It requires a number of qualities to be developed by the player, which include:

  • Determination;
  • Knowledge;
  • Experience of talking with a number of people from around the world;
  • Being able to deal with strong emotions;
  • Work hard, no matter what the cost is going to be. 

It is important to keep in mind that becoming a successful bettor can take months or even years in some cases. The only way on how to make this process much faster is by using the bet cy guide, which indicates the exact things all players should do in order to increase chances of winning big money as a part of their favourite hobby. And the first instruction will be to set a goal.

When players are trying to achieve something as a part of gambling activity, it is very important to set a clear objective. Only by having a goal is it possible to progress. This is especially true for a country like Cyprus that has presented a gambling law that allows sports betting for literally any person that is at least 18 years old or older. It means that by dedicating only a couple of minutes per day to the slow by steady progress on the way to achieving the goal is already going to be a pretty good choice for the player that is seeking for the success. 

Always try to be smarter than a bookmaker

In order to beat a bookmaker, bettors should make a lot of effort and a limited number of people can do it. Professional players do not count on single wins and make a profit based on the result of the playing distance. No one is able to predict the outcome of the event with a 100% probability, and there are losses. A successful player differs from an unsuccessful one in that he is psychologically stable and indifferent to both losses and wins. There are a number of rules that successful bettors adhere to, which allows them to win bets:

  • The right attitude to betting. Betting should be perceived by the player as intellectual work. It takes a lot of effort and time to make sports betting profitable.
  • Bankroll control. In order to competently manage your funds on the game balance, the bettor must not only know financial strategies, but also analyse every victory and defeat. Constantly work on the psychological state, keep track of lost and won bets.
  • The right choice of a sportsbook company. This point should not be underestimated, since it is almost impossible to win at a bookmaker with a large margin. Margin is the bookmaker’s guaranteed profit, which is included in the odds. The bettor should choose companies that offer the highest odds – then the bettor has more chances to win, from a mathematical point of view.
  • Competent work with information. An important component of winning in a bookmaker’s office is the ability to work with statistical data and news. Bookmakers make odds based on many factors, but even they may miss some details, which a bettor can take advantage of by making a profitable deal at a high odds.
  • The right choice of events for betting. A professional bettor bets only on those sports in which he understands the rules. Beginning bettors often choose the “wrong way” by making deals on everything. The choice of events should be approached as responsibly as possible.

These are the simple rules that should be followed by any bettor that dreams to become a successful gambler. No one is saying it is going to be easy, but by trying to progress will lead to much greater results than a random set of bets placed by a novice bettor who has no idea what to do with them in case of either wins or loses. Strict goals – is already a good starting point.