Crawl Space Encapsulation is a smart investment for homeowners looking to improve energy efficiency and comfort. By sealing off your crawl space, you can prevent cold air from infiltrating your home, reducing the workload on your heating system and ultimately lowering your utility bills.

Do high energy bills and cold feet make you dislike winter?

Everyone gets winter blues once in a while. However, there is a better way to live through the winter, relieve your frozen feet while saving you money on energy bills.

Crawl space insulation is the best way to protect yourself from the cold. So how much does crawl space insulation cost? Read below to understand more:

The Average Cost of Crawl Space Insulation

Understanding the cost of crawl space insulation is the first step to keeping your household warm during winter. However, not all crawl spaces are made the same. They all differ in size and the type of insulation material.

The size of your crawl space is the biggest factor to consider when budgeting for your insulation project. The average cost of insulating a crawl space is $1.35 to $3.00 per square foot. The cost is lower if you do it yourself.

A DIY installation will help you save money on installation and labor costs. But hiring a professional to handle the installation process saves you time and gives you great convenience. Not only will they take time to prepare the crawl space, but they will also clean up after completing the project.

Factors Affecting Crawl Space Insulation Costs

Insulating a crawl space isn’t cheap. However, numerous factors impact the overall cost of the insulation project. These factors include.

The Type of Insulation 

If you are thinking about insulating your home’s crawl space, there are three different types of insulation materials you can use. These include:

Most residential crawl space insulation projects require more than one type of insulation. For example, fiberglass insulation is best for floor joints on the top of a crawl space. It can also be used to cover the rim joists.

On the other hand, foam board is best used for insulating bigger spaces. It’s more affordable and comes in three different types. These include polyisocyanurate, XPS, and Styrofoam. Click here to learn more about crawl space insulation installations.

The Condition of the Crawl Space 

What is the current condition of your crawl space? Does it have a lot of debris, rotting wood, mold, or filled with old rotting insulation materials? If so, you will need to do a lot of prep work before installing the new materials.

If mold is growing in your crawl space, ensure you call an expert to remove it. This will protect your family from mold-related respiration diseases.

Are You Ready to Start Our Crawl Space Insulation Project?

Before starting any project, planning is key. The process involves doing your research and budgeting for the project. Crawl space insulation can be quite expensive if you don’t plan and budget accordingly.

So how much does it cost to insulate your crawl space? Please read our guide above to understand the average cost of the insulation project.

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