AAA is an abbreviation of the American Automobile Association, founded in 1902. AAA has since grown to be a vast motor club network with 58 million members and beyond in Canada and the United States. AAA auto insurance is not similar to AAA membership, but AAA does not provide insurance that members can separately purchase. The auto association is best known as an emergency roadside assistance service provider. From it, you can get access to discounts and purchase vacation packages and insurance via the organization’s travel services.

Does AAA car insurance cover rental cars? If you possess AAA auto insurance, you will be covered by AAA. However, membership alone cannot guarantee coverage. However, you can be covered for a rental car with AAA if you possess an AAA credit card and book a car with the card. Ensure that you have verification for your AAA rental car coverage benefits before booking. With AAA, you can save up to 25 percent on international trips or 20 percent on domestic trips because of its partnership with Hertz.

Whether you rent a vehicle on vacation or while yours is still in the shop, you need to know that it is worth it to purchase coverage through the car’s rental company when already possessing AAA. AAA auto insurance comes with several benefits that include coverage for rental cars. Your AAA coverage depends on whether you own an AAA membership or whether you have AAA as your insurance company. The good thing is that your AAA auto coverage extends to your rental car if you possess insurance coverage with the company. However, your rental car might not be covered entirely, depending on your company.

AAA’s annual memberships range from about $52 to $170, depending on the coverage level and where you live. What are the AAA membership costs? The structure of AAA membership is three-tier, and the pricing depends on the place you live and the kind of plans you choose. The price per membership tier is described below;

AAA Classic membership

For this tier, the annual cost is between $52 and $74. Its expected benefits include car lockout services, which cost up to $50, flat tire, fuel, dead battery services, and up to four rows of three to seven miles a year.

AAA Plus Membership

The annual cost of this tier is between $85 and $124. It comes with more benefits: free delivery of fuel, free passport photos, four tows up to a hundred miles each, and a higher lockout limit reaching $100.

AAA Premier Membership

In this tier, the cost per year goes between $118 and $170. The benefits in this tier are even more valuable as follows:

  1. For a home or car, the price goes up to $150
  2. Three a hundred-mile tows and one-two hundred-mile tow
  3. A coverage of trip disruption that costs up to $1500
  4. A free rental car with tow for a day
  5. Insurance of $10,000 for identity theft.

These include the most common AAA membership benefits. Depending on your region, the membership could offer additional auto loans, driving lessons, and car-buying services.

Extras and discounts of AAA

There are different variations of the discounts that come with AAA membership. Some of the most popular discounts include; prescriptions and vision care, cellular service, moving truck and car rentals with an off of 20 percent or more, up to 35 percent off from electronics from the select companies, dining and flower delivery services, and movie tickets.

AAA offers certification of auto repair shops that meet its standards for customer satisfaction, standards for equipment, and technician expertise. With this one, members can get up to 10 percent off repairs and up to $50 at the auto repair shops. Most repairs guarantee two years or some 24,000 miles, depending on which one comes first.

AAA still gives paper maps to its members, but most of its services like the customized spiral-bound guides and storied TripTik travel planner have gone online. The travel professionals of AAA could assist in planning the route and help with hotel reservations and car rentals.

Did you know that as much as membership is often needed to buy AAA insurance, the membership discounts cover the fees usually? Most AAA clubs possess their own insurance company that offers renters, home, life, and auto insurance. The club acts as an insurance agent in some regions as it connects customers to partner insurers who are willing to provide insurance discounts linked to membership.

The AAA auto insurance rates depend on your driving history, the place you live, and other personal factors, just like any other company. However, the insurance agents of AAA will go through your existing policies and give you some advice as a part of the membership.

Final Thoughts

Sometimes, it is better to purchase additional rental car insurance even when you already possess a coverage level. For instance, you do not want to pay the deductible after an accident. If auto insurance has a high deductible, it could also apply to your rental car. You could get some peace of mind. Sometimes you do not want to claim your insurance since you recently had some claim, and you do not wish for an explosion of your premium.

In a year, two claims could significantly raise your insurance rates. You may also need car rental insurance if your coverage limits are low. You could consider either picking up additional coverage or raising your levels of coverage from the rental car company or a third-party provider if you drive in an unfamiliar area and have bad weather.