smart lighting

Smart lighting has evolved the lighting industry and it is now more mainstream than ever before. And there are obvious reasons why this innovation has now made its way into the decorative lighting industry too. Smart lighting comes with countless advantages with barely any cons to affect your decision to adopt this change too. Be it chandeliers, ceiling lights, pendant lights, table lamps or floor lamps, all of these lighting fixtures can accentuate the aura of your space with a touch of smart lighting.

There are multiple reasons why you could go for smart lighting fixtures but we stay with the most important ones that actually matter and are relevant to this convenient technology. Smart lighting fixtures come in many forms, be it a bulb, batten, or lighting strip and because of that, they become very versatile and functional when fused with decorative lighting fixtures. Now take a quick look at why smart lights can be your decor’s best pals…

Unmatched Versatility

Smart lighting fixtures are very versatile both in form and function and can be used pretty easily in any lighting design. No matter if it’s a lighting design that stays on the ground or goes up on the ceiling, if the fixture has to be placed horizontally or vertically, a smart bulb, a smart batten or a smart LED strip can serve the purpose really well.

Enhanced functionality quotient

Compared to the standard bulb and battens, smart lights are extremely functional and these LED bulbs or fixtures can light up and brighten any and every space in your home. Whether you amp up your seating space, working space, common area or create a focal point in a room, you can always count on these smart lighting fixtures.

Exceptional convenience

Smart lighting fixtures are usually available with a remote control that lets you change the brightness, colours or tone of your lighting depending on the fixture you have. Remote control really adds to the ease of use and lets your smart lighting fixture enhance the aesthetic value of your living space with its true prowess.


Smart lighting fixtures are very energy efficient automatically making them cost-effective too. Certain factors like life span, brightness, and intensity make LEDs much better options than incandescent or CFL bulbs which are a standard in most decorative lighting designs.

Which designs look best with smart LED fixtures?

If you’re really rooting for a rustic look that specifically looks good with incandescent bulbs and you have no issues bearing the cost, then you can very well go ahead with those. But if that’s really not what you want, then you can use smart LED bulbs in your chandeliers, table lamps, ceiling lights, floor lamps or wall lights too. A smart LED bulb can be used to enhance the aesthetics of your home with a chandelier or a ceiling light and a table lamp or a floor lamp equipped with smart LED bulbs can certainly make any of your comfort spaces functional.

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