For new homeowners, recognizing the substantial responsibility of homeownership is crucial. Just as your home demands ongoing attention, our commitment ensures peace of mind. We guarantee that your new construction inspection is executed to the highest standards by our qualified and experienced building inspector, assuring this continuous journey of home maintenance.

Here are some essential home improvement tips that can help you improve the vibe and feel of your living space.

Window Treatments 

Window treatments are an important aspect of your interior design. Aside from controlling natural sunlight, you can control air circulation and maintain the privacy of your home. You might want to opt for Stoneside custom drapery to get quality treatment, such as installing shades, extendable blinds , or high-quality window coverings that can also add a touch of class to your living space.

In your journey as a homeowner, incorporating energy-efficient window treatments during renovations can curtail costs and enhance UV protection, ensuring a comfortable home throughout seasons. Coupled with warm lighting and chic mirrors, your bathroom becomes a personalized haven, reflecting your unique style. Entrust us with your basement bathroom renovation, and we’ll transform it into the sanctuary you crave—a special retreat tailored just for you, offering both functionality and aesthetics for those cherished moments of self-indulgence. 

Water Fixtures

When it comes to installing water fixtures, you must ensure that these are water-saving to save gallons of water that could have gone to waste otherwise. You can make smart choices regarding water fixtures, such as installing the dual flush button for the toilets so that only a fraction of water is used when needed. 

When choosing water fixtures, such as showerheads and faucets, you will want to ensure that these are water-saving to boost your bathroom space to another level. 

Use Plants & Flowers

You can strategically place flowers and plants in your home to boost the vibe and feel of your interior space. The essential benefit of fresh flowers is that they can freshen up any space, and the best part is that most plants and flowers are budget-friendly, so you don’t have to spend a lot to improve your living space. 

However, when placing the plants and flowers in your bathroom, you will want to ensure that the plants are ideal for the humid bathroom space; otherwise, they will get damaged or wither away.

Streamline Home Improvement with Skip Bins 

Streamlining home improvement is made effortless with the incorporation of skip bins. These bins provide a practical solution to the inevitable waste generated during renovation projects. By selecting the right size, homeowners can efficiently dispose of debris and maintain an organized work environment. Beyond the convenience, skip bins contribute to environmental sustainability by facilitating proper waste disposal practices, aligning with local regulations. Their seamless integration into the project timeline ensures ongoing waste management, promoting a cleaner and safer home improvement experience. For new homeowners, utilizing skip bins is a straightforward yet impactful strategy for a more efficient and environmentally conscious transformation of their living space.

Boost the Storage Space

More often than not, homeowners run out of space – no matter how big their house is. Mostly, things end up in the garage or get piled up in their homes’ various spaces. The older the house becomes, the less storage space is available, which is something you want to prevent from happening as a homeowner. 

The solution is to keep your house decluttered and install a DIY closet system in the pantries, bedroom, and garage. To boost storage space, you will also want to avoid hoarding things. Take some time every day to declutter a room in your house. Make two piles of things you need and don’t need. You can resell or donate items you don’t need to boost storage space.