Since its invention, the table game Baccarat, has grown in popularity and still hails as one of the most popular games at land-based casinos today. It’s believed to have been invented in Italy in the 15th century initially named ‘Baccara’. It wasn’t until the game travelled to France that its name acquired a ‘T’, becoming Baccarat.

Its continued popularity can also be attributed to the rise of online casinos, which have made casino games more accessible and exciting than ever. Today, you can play a variety of Baccarat variations online, including Speed Baccarat and live casino variations like Live Baccarat.

If you’re a beginner when it comes to casino games, we don’t want you to miss out on a classy, glamorous game of Baccarat. So, to help you to become a pro, here’s everything you need to know about the game.

How to play

In a game of Baccarat, two cards are dealt — for the player and the banker. The cards are dealt by the dealer and it’s your job to bet on which hand you think comes closest to a total of nine.

In Baccarat, there are three possible outcomes:

  • The player wins
  • The banker (dealer) wins
  • The game ends in a tie

Because of this, it’s also possible to bet on a tie, anticipating that both hands will equal the same value. If you bet on the player’s hand, the initial bet that you placed is usually doubled. However, if you bet on the banker’s hand, it will normally pay out 95% of your initial wager, if successful.

In the case that both cards equal a value greater than nine, you will add both together and minus the first digit, to obtain the value. For example, if the cards seven and nine are dealt, you add them together to get a total of 16, then disregard the one, meaning the hand’s value is six.

Important rules of the game

Baccarat is a relatively simple game and is easy to get the hang of, but there are some key rules that you need to remember when playing:

  • If the player’s hand equals five or less, they can be dealt another card or stand.
  • The player and the banker must stand if they receive a total of eight or nine.
  • The payout is usually 1:1 for both a bet on the player and the banker hand.
  • The banker will hit on a total of five or less when the player stands.

Live Baccarat

Have you heard about live casino games? If it’s an immersive, virtual casino experience that you’re after, then Live Baccarat is the answer.

You’ll be playing in real time, in the company of a live dealer, who you can interact with using the live chat function. You’ll also be able to socialise with other players in the chat room whilst you engage in a classy game of traditional Baccarat. With live casino, you can feel as though you’ve stepped into a land-based casino, without having to leave the comfort of your own home.

However, you choose to play Baccarat, with this handy guide you’re now ready to play like a pro. If you want to practice before you deposit your own cash, why not try an online free demo version that’s available to play right now.