Many people have been wondering what exactly a birth chart is? Well, in India, we commonly consider it a ‘Kundli.’ A birth chart is regarded as the finest assistance in determining the placement of your asteroids, planets, and signs. You might be stunned to know that while we are born, we all are accompanied by a magical chart that can define our characteristics astrologically. Via a birth chart, we shall be able to learn what type of individual we are, and also it would calculate the astrological aspects of our birth. If you want to learn more about your birth chart, you can commence seeking online astrology consultation.

The most important constituents of a birth chart are none other than the zodiac signs. These signs are quite capable of determining who we are. The birth chart is a more detailed version of our personality and characteristics. It entails everything about what we love, what we hate, and how we communicate. Whether you are trying to read the birth chart independently or via an online chat with astrologer, you need to know a few things. They are mentioned below:

  1. Birth location
  2. Birth time
  3. Birthdate

The above-mentioned three components are crucial if you want to access your noteworthy birth chart. In this guide, we will talk about the birth chart interpretation and how the best astrologer in India uses various planets and reads your birth chart. The birth planets are categorized into two categories, i.e., the inner planets and outer planets.

What are inner and outer planets?

The inner planets have the ability to rule you overall as a person. Whereas the outer planets preferably rule a whole generation. The inner planets are Mars, Moon, Sun, Mercury, and Venus. The outer planets are Pluto, Uranus, Saturn, Neptune, and Jupiter.

Let us now learn about each one of the planets in detail below.


The Sun is known to represent the ego, and as notified, we are revolving around the run, just like other planets. The Sun entails who we are from our core, as a person. It can provide us with vitality and light during the darkness.


As entailed by the best astrology website, the moon is a representation of emotional selves. It showcases the way we display our notable emotions and what kind of person we are when we are all alone.


Mercury is the planet that ideally represents how we communicate with others and ourselves. This planet expresses our regular expressions. Via Mercury, we can learn how to work with others in groups and process the information.


Venus is notably the planet of love. It rules the way we express our sentiments, value someone, and express the language of love. With Venus, we can learn about our taste, the pleasures in our life, and artistic values. 


Mars determines our actions, our sex as well aggression. All of our sexual desires are known to come under Mars. This planet has the ability to rule our whole sexual expression and body attraction.


Being the first of the notable social planets, Jupiter has become a ruler of freedom, gratitude, and reach. This planet is also connected with the spiritual and mental growth of the individual belonging to it.


Saturn is a planet that represents restriction, responsibility, and limitations. This planet has brought meaning to the world we live in. This responsible planet reminds us to be aware of the hassles and realities that we might face in our life.


Uranus is a kind of planet that is known to be a representation of the skies and heavens. This planet showcases enlightenment and progression. It is also known to come up with uniqueness and discovery in the lives of individuals.


Neptune is the planet that showcases the ability to rule our illusions, spirituality, and dreams too. It is connected with spiritual enlightenment and is also a planet that is an individual’s physic energy.


Being the ‘underworld’ planet, it is known to show us the world that lies below the surface. This planet is connected with beginnings and endings, renewal and rebirth, spiritual birth, etc.


Reading a birth chart is not easy. Thus, we would always recommend you to count on the best astrologer in India and have a consultation with them.