All you need to know about purchasing equipment before opening your food business

Are you confused about what’s next after deciding on your food business? Are you a catering person who’s looking to upgrade your business? All you need is some perfect catering equipment supplies that can change your business plan for good. The suitable catering types of equipment can make you capable of handling bulk orders quicker than usual. It is one of the essential investments you would make for your business. All the catering equipment supplies must be of high efficiency and good quality. One should pay a lot of attention while buying these supplies as they are your primary one-time investment materials. 

Some surveyors expect the size of the catering industry to grow by about 5.5% during this year. The catering sector could contribute about 7.1 billion dollars to Australia by revenue. People are aware of this profit-making sector and want to establish their business in the food industry. It is essential to have a business plan before deciding on your equipment list. 

Things to check before purchasing your foodservice equipment


One will have to decide how much area they would be running their business. It is because the size of the kitchen figures out the design and versatility of the kitchen. It is significant to know the size of the room that would be your food preparation and storage area. The decision to have a single door, double door, or even triple door depends on the size of the business and the size of the location. 

If you plan on catering equipment for small gatherings, the units with one and two doors are more practical. One can also hire shared commissary kitchen since these kitchens have all the required cooking equipment.  


All businesses have a primary and open theme called profits. Everybody runs any business to gain profits, and the food business is undoubtedly one such business. So, stick to your budget while buying your catering equipment supplies. It may be tempting to get carried away when purchasing equipment for a new restaurant and buy everything that looks useful. However, this is where you must be cautious. If you’re on a tight budget, make a list of everything necessary and other things that could be complimentary. Then buy all the essential pieces of equipment and if you still are left with your capital, buy others. You should reach the break event point fast and easy when your investments and expenses are under control.


The next factor you will have to look into is maintenance. Maintenance enhances an equipment’s life and improves its efficiency. It is significant to enquire about the required maintenance while acquiring any catering equipment. Ask the provider some questions like how often the equipment requires service and whether the provider will provide it. Create a schedule when you’ve purchased all types of equipment. Create a maintenance routine and check if your workers follow the routine. Some essential equipment used every day must be cleaned daily, while others require cleaning once or twice a week.

The condition

Depending on the operation time and budget, you have two options to purchase your equipment. You can either buy new ones or go for used ones. Experienced caterers suggest buying new types of equipment that you would use frequently and pre-loved ones if your usage is limited. When you want to buy used pieces, look for rust and leaks. If an equipment needs repairs, purchasing it is not a good idea because the damage is likely to occur again. Purchase previously used equipment that is still within the manufacturer’s warranty period.


Author: Alison Lurie