7 Relationship Red Flags to Look Out For

Did you know that many people remain in unsatisfying relationships because they are too afraid to hurt the other person? 

Every couple deals with relationship problems, but some behaviors can be too damaging to continue. 

If you’re feeling unhappy but don’t know why, there are a few red flags that can be impacting your connection. 

Keep reading to discover the most common relationship red flags so you can protect your heart and find true love! 

Controlling Behaviors 

One of the worst relationship red flags people endure is controlling behaviors.

Some partners lack self-esteem or have narcissistic personalities. These characteristics can lead to controlling behaviors and wanting to take charge at every moment. If you are on the receiving end, it can feel lonely when your opinions and ideas aren’t considered. 

You should never feel a lack of control in your life because of your partner. Whether they want to control what you wear, eat, or do, you should have the final say. Relationships should be supportive and loving, when people get controlling, some may feel like they aren’t good enough.  

Secretive Mannerisms 

If your partner is always hiding their phone, deleting messages, and keeping secrets, you might want to rethink things. 

Secretive mannerisms can be innocent when it comes to planning a surprise party, but they can also ruin a strong relationship. When couples feel that their partner is hiding something, it can bring a wave of emotions and insecurities into the picture. Concerns about cheating often arise, and many times, people are caught red-handed talking to another person. 

A good relationship doesn’t have secrets, but you don’t need to confess everything on the first date. The important thing is that you both have an open mind, communicate, and stay transparent. Once secrets start, they grow on both sides and separate families. 

Anger Management Problems 

Did you recently forget to start the laundry and your partner punched a hole in the wall?

This scenario, and many others, can be signs that your loved one has anger management problems. Although this is a red flag, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a deal breaker. If your partner is willing to get help with counseling and stay away from alcohol or other anger triggers, you might be able to work things out. 

Anger management can stem from past traumas and it can be hard to walk away from someone you love, that you know is hurting. If the anger is directed toward you, however, and doesn’t stop, you are better off alone. Aggression can get the best of the nicest people and lead to physical abuse. 

Don’t wait until it’s too late and your partner snaps. It’s better to leave a potentially dangerous situation rather than wait to see what happens. 

Missing Trust  

It takes years to build trust, but only a moment to lose it all. 

If you and your partner want to work through barriers of trust, Marriage counseling at Naya Clinics may help. Talking about each person’s perspective can be very insightful and help couples learn more about their other half. When you can’t communicate at home, it can help to have a mediator nearby to hold everyone accountable. 

Whether you or your partner is the one being deceitful, the lack of trust can ruin the entire relationship. Being honest and open with each other can help you bond again, but in some cases, trust can’t be earned back. 

Think about the struggles your relationship has endured and if you’ll ever be able to forgive your partner for past mistakes. You might have bigger relationship problems, however, if you’re checking phones or questioning. 

Physical Abuse 

No matter how much relationship therapy you get together, you should never remain in a partnership with someone abusive. 

Physical abuse can put your life at risk and endanger the children involved in the relationship. If you’ve ever been hit or hurt, you should contact the police, a doctor, or a therapist for help. Some people with low self-esteem take the physical abuse, thinking they deserved it, but this is a dangerous mindset.

There is no excuse for physical abuse and everyone deserves to be with someone they feel safe with. 

Mental Abuse 

Although there might not be bruises or cuts, mental abuse can be just as damaging.

If your partner is gaslighting you, ignoring you, or being manipulative, you might want to start packing the bags. It can be difficult to leave these types of relationships because one moment your partner can be loving and the next they can be bullying you. 

It’s common for people to remain, especially if they’ve dealt with the same mental abuse is previous relationships or with their family. If you’re worried that you’re dealing with mental abuse or childhood trauma, reach out to a counselor for help. 

Talking through the issues can provide insight and help you discover what you deserve, which is happiness and support. 

Watch Out for These Relationship Red Flags 

Learning these relationship red flags can prevent you from heartbreak and abuse. 

When you can identify problems within your relationship, it becomes clear if you will be together for the long run. Although you don’t have to leave someone each time they display one of these behaviors, you must set limits and take care of yourself. Talking to your partner can help you resolve the issues or let you see that it’s an unhealthy relationship.

Don’t be afraid to get help from professionals, friends, and family if you’re in an abusive relationship and need help. 

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Author: Grace