Maintaining a busy lifestyle and spending time with others is a vital part of life at any age, but it is essential for older adults in retirement. Having a full roster of events and activities to participate in can dramatically improve a person’s mood, contentment and even cognitive function as they age, making recreation an essential feature of a good retirement home.

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So, what types of activities are generally available in retirement homes? While every community is different, we’ve compiled a list of typical events and pastimes featured in many retirement homes, perfect for residents and their visitors to participate in. Keep reading below to learn more.

  1. Walking groups and exercise classes

Regularly engaging in physical activity can help older adults live longer, healthier lives, and many different forms of exercise are available for every fitness level. Many retirement homes offer a variety of exercise methods for their residents to engage in, which usually includes providing a gym or fitness area and scheduling different classes.

Some fitness classes include dancing, Zumba, Jazzercise, water aerobics, pilates, tai chi, yoga and meditation. Indoor and outdoor walking groups are common and provide an excellent opportunity to engage in lower-impact exercise, walk, and talk with fellow residents.

Many retirement homes also provide the option to sign up with a personal trainer, which is excellent for older adults who want to improve their upper body and core strength or who wish to pair exercise with physical therapy.

  1. Art Classes

Many adults look forward to using their retirement years to pursue hobbies and passions they previously didn’t have time for, such as painting or sketching. Fortunately, many retirement homes offer a chance to engage in the arts more socially.

Art classes in pottery, painting, sketching, and writing are all conventional creative activities in which older adults can participate. While many people prefer to create in solitude, having the opportunity to pick up a new skill or enhance an old one while learning with others can improve an older adult’s motivation to keep up with their chosen art medium. 

Being in a class setting also allows residents to siphon inspiration from others’ work and vice versa, providing a positive and creative atmosphere.

Further, creating is an excellent tool for improving a person’s cognitive function and focus, which many older adults struggle with as they age. 

  1. Performances and open-mic nights

Some older adults may have to limit nights out on the town as they age, but that doesn’t mean they need to be starved for entertainment! Many retirement homes will plan live performances, including stand-up comedy, music, theatrical performances and even karaoke nights. 

The events are often hosted in the community’s public areas, such as the dining hall or recreational room, which is ideal for older adults struggling with mobility or overstimulation in crowded spaces.

While these events are generally reserved for special occasions, older adults should keep tabs on the event roster in their community in case one of these fun nights pops up!

  1. Game nights

Retirement communities provide many avenues for older adults to challenge their minds and improve their cognitive and motor functionality, and a games night is one you’ll likely find regularly.

While older adults can independently locate board games and card decks in their home’s recreational centre, there are also many opportunities to play in a larger group. Game nights often feature Canasta, Euchre, Bridge shuffleboard, or bingo; sometimes, the winners are even awarded prizes! 

Game nights are an excellent way for older adults to spend time with their neighbours and make for a delightful evening.

  1. Group outings

Retirement homes can provide many different group outings for those who do well mobility-wise. Cooking classes, book clubs, trips to live performances, sporting events, winery and estate tours, and so on allow residents to experience some culture and diversify their interests.

  1. Fine dining and special events

Another way retirement communities can inject more culture into their events calendar is to schedule special events like fine dining. These are often offered in the dining room but can also be organized outside of the community.

Some fine dining experiences can include wine tastings, traditional three to six-course meals or afternoon tea. Some retirement homes will schedule additional entertainment to accompany these evenings, such as live music or dinner theatre, to make the night even more memorable!

  1. Volunteering opportunities

Finally, another activity that older adults can enjoy is taking part in a volunteer program. Volunteering allows older adults to feel productive and allows younger adults to get to know them and learn from their experiences. 

Some volunteer programs include tutoring students, working in a public garden, or assisting at a veterinary hospital. Organizations like shelters, churches, or community centres can also benefit from an extra helping hand. 

Final thoughts

Older adults can engage in various activities while living in a retirement community, providing more joy and contentment in their day-to-day lives. Whether engaging in a round of shuffleboard with friends, working on developing a new skill, or volunteering, older adults are sure to have plenty to do while they enjoy their life in retirement.