Have you ever been inside a general store? If not, you are missing out! A general store has the lovely feel of stepping back in time while having today’s modern conveniences. You can find candy, arts and crafts made by local artisans, and souvenirs if you are traveling from out of town. Whatever you need at a Pigeon Forge general store, you can find it easily!

Fruit Scented Candles Are A Great Option

Now you probably think you can get a candle at any store. That’s true. However, you can’t find handmade soy candles better for the home and smell fantastic just anywhere. In a general store in Pigeon Forge, you can get a hand-poured candle that smells like a banana split or blueberries. The candles can instantly make a room smell so much better.

Uniquely Different Jellies Are Prominent In A General Store In Pigeon Forge

Have you ever tried an onion jelly? Most people haven’t, but it is an experience. You can also find things like watermelon rind jelly or jalapeño jelly in a general store. People will make so many combinations, and you can find anything imaginable here. It can be a lot of fun to see which ones you like and which don’t.

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Seasonings, Rubs, And Spices Galore!

When you visit a general store in Pigeon Forge, you will also find seasonings, rubs, and spices of all kinds. Have you ever wanted to try birthday cake popcorn seasoning? You can find it here. Aged balsamic salt? You can see that too, along with ancho honey rub and everything you need to have fun in the kitchen or grill. It can be a great way to expand your skills or add flavor to something you already love.

Butter Is Your Friend

Another great find at a general store is butter! It comes in various flavors, including milk chocolate pecan honey, banana, orange pecan, peach, pear, triple crown, and blueberry pecan. The kinds of butter make any dish or breakfast item take on a whole new life and taste.

Chow Chow Is A Staple In A General Store In Pigeon Forge

Chow Chow is a staple in general stores, and it is made of various ingredients while being put on absolutely everything. You will find that chow chow is a type of pickled relish where the components are entirely dependent on where you live. It can be mild, hot, and you can find that it contains everything from carrots, cauliflower, peas, onions, peppers, and cabbage. You will also notice a marked difference between northern chow and southern versions. The south uses more peppers, tomatoes, and things of that nature while favoring sweet onions. The north will prefer carrots, beans, and cauliflower. Both are great, but they have highly different tastes.

Jalapeño Quail Eggs

Jalapeno quail eggs are a unique item found in a general store, and they have fantastic flavor. These eggs are similar to chicken eggs, but you will find that they are smaller. They also have a great blend of seasonings that you will fall in love with.

Check Out A General Store

When you have the good fortune of going to a general store and experience everything it offers, you will love the things you can find. The local artists have the best talent, and you will find that there are so many things that you can try and enjoy. Explore the best of the best and enjoy the experience of trying something new.



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