Car accidents recently caused $474 billion in damages in a single year. No matter where you live in the United States, there’s always a risk of getting into a wreck anytime you share the road with other vehicles. 

Once you’ve gotten into a collision, it’s time to begin thinking of your car accident from a legal standpoint. You’ll likely need to hire a lawyer that can look after your interests so that you can pay for the vehicle damage, medical bills, and more. 

This begs the question – how can I find a lawyer near me? Keep reading so that you can hire the best attorney available.  

1. There’s a Statute of Limitations

One of the main reasons to work with car accident attorneys is because there’s a statute of limitations for these cases. This is a state-by-state issue, and a law firm will know where your case stands, and the last day to file a claim. 

In a state like Washington, the statute of limitations is 3 years. Arizona has a statute of limitations of 2 years. Find out for sure and consult with a lawyer that can keep it on track. 

2. Car Accidents Can Be Costly

Legal services are vital because car accidents can become quite expensive. 

Vehicle wrecks with just property damage will rack up costs of approximately $4,700, while accidents with evident injuries can cost about $29,000. Your case will become even more costly if you have ongoing damages or complexities that need to be solved. 

3. Medical Injuries Get Complicated

Medical injuries are often the most complicated aspect of vehicle wrecks. They get particularly complicated if you suffer short-term or long-term disabilities, or severe injuries related to head trauma, spinal cord injuries, or injuries to your neck or back. 

Your lawyer will advise you to get a thorough evaluation as quickly as possible to know the full scope of what you’re dealing with. They’ll help to fight for the full dollar amount that you’re entitled to so that you can heal and move forward with your life. 

4. The Best Lawyer Will Protect Your Rights

These attorneys specialize in car accident law and know how to protect your rights down to the minute detail. This is crucial since costs can add up and circumstances are sometimes difficult to prove. 

They will hold the other party accountable, prove negligence, and make sure that you’re protected under the law. 

5. They Offer Legal Services for Settlements and Trials

Finally, car accident lawyers are essential because know both how to handle settlements and court trials. It can go either way, and the majority of car accident cases are settled in negotiations, rather than decided in front of a judge. 

Hire a lawyer that understands how to handle both, while maximizing your payout.   

Hire a Lawyer That Can Win

When you’re trying to hire a lawyer for your car accident case, the five tips above will be useful to you. These pros are an essential tool to have no matter how minor or major your car accident case is. 

Begin with these words of advice and browse our other articles when you need legal help on so many different topics.