Tesla offers a unique ownership experience, unlike anything most consumers will have experienced before. In addition to being an up-and-coming and high-value carmaker in the electric vehicle space, Tesla is also the first car company to offer full retail ownership of its vehicles. 

Ownership of a Tesla comes with a lot of value, especially when you factor in all the services and experiences owners can enjoy using their cars. With all these exciting features, how do you get the most from your Tesla? Read on!

1. Get the Tesla App

The first thing you need to do is download the Tesla car app. It’s the most important tool you could use to maximize your time and experience with your electric vehicle. All cars on the road have a dashboard display, often positioned in front of the driver. Many drivers enjoy using this display to keep tabs on their car’s battery and charging system, vehicle settings, and mileage. 

The Tesla app takes this display further by giving drivers access to all stored data from their cars, including speed, location, range, and the estimated amount of charge remaining. This ensures that users make more informed driving decisions for their electric vehicles.

2. Get an Extended Warranty

The Tesla extended warranty covers the vehicles’ most expensive parts, such as battery packs, motors, and drive units. When you purchase your Tesla, you’re also automatically covered by Tesla’s four years (or 50,000 miles).

It is crucial to understand that the different Tesla car models have different extended warranty plans. For example, the S Model will cost $2100 for two years or 25,000 miles and $4250 for four years or 50,000 miles.

3. Understand the Technology

Once you’re thoroughly familiar with your Tesla, you’ll need to consider a few opening questions: Where can I charge my car? What kind of charging outlets are there at home? How do I access my charging stations, and most important of all, how much does it cost to charge? 

The Tesla app can help determine this information for you. You can view all the charging stations in your area through the app or even message other drivers in your area who have a charger and are willing to share their location.

4. Know Your Options

There are several different ways to get around in a Tesla. Choose from fully electric cars like the Model S and X (Tesla’s most expensive models), or start with an electric sedan like the Model 3 or X and rise through the tiers based on how many features you want or how many miles per charge you want to travel each month. 

You can easily customize how much power it takes to drive your car using its “Autopilot” system. In most conditions, it allows for semi-autonomous driving, using forward-looking radar and cameras on board to pilot vehicles along a chosen route without human input or even driver awareness.


Tesla is committed to building a sustainable energy future by bringing electric cars to everyone. Owners of a Tesla are fortunate to have access to the world’s best electric car. Tesla offers vehicles with great range, class-leading performance, and superb interior design. Given its high effectiveness, Tesla owners must know how to maximize the experience.